Caitlyn Rose Clark

High Performance Coach

Caitlyn Rose’s Core Values are:

Freedom, Love, Honesty, Faith, Appreciation, Humor


As a High Performance Coach, Caitlyn Rose has refined her skills in listening from another’s perspective, in order to give direct feedback and coaching that help her clients identify their blindspots, empowering them to perform at a higher level.

Her Yoga classes are not only about having people grow physically, but spiritually as well. She has held private classes for high profile corporate clients and the University of Texas baseball team on a weekly basis. She has also led the personal development and leadership skills portion of teacher trainings.

Here is how she describes vulnerability:
“To stand on the edge of a cliff, naked, with your arms wide open and shout
‘here I am.’ And then to wait, not pull your arms back into your chest, or
say ‘nevermind… it’s too scary.’ But to wait and see what comes back to you.
It is not comfortable because it is not known. It is brand new, and so,
naturally we are going to resist, because not knowing is scary. But not
knowing is always pure magic of possibility for who you are evolving into.”

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