You have a plan for your budget and sales goals, but do you have a plan for your culture?

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Performance comes from behaviors, and behaviors are a direct result of culture.

Find Your Fundamentals

Great companies identify the fundamental behaviors that make them great and empower employees with the tools to operate consistent with those behaviors.

Implement Strategy

Our programs empower companies, teams, individuals, and executives around the world to design and build performance into the fabric of the organization.

Create Lasting Results

Delivering performance peaks is not uncommon, sustaining superior results, consistently over time is. It takes strategy, execution, and a focus on people.

Extraordinary cultures start at the top.

Company culture is inevitable, but extraordinary culture is designed at the top. You have the ability to intentionally design your culture in a way that drives lasting performance and results. We will show you strategic ways to ensure your culture makes employees feel engaged in their work and therefore have greater returns and drive more revenue.

Working with executives & businesses for over 25 years

Based in Austin, Texas, Momentum Consulting works with organizations worldwide. Our fundamental approach gives companies the tools to build a culture that drives performance and creates engagement at all levels.

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Happy Organizations

Who created massive results for themselves working with us.

Satisfied Clients

Clients have seen lasting results from our programs.

Creating sustained performance is not one size fits all. Our process is tailored to meet your specific needs.

What do our clients say about us?

Happy clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read our testimonials below.

Since participating in Momentum’s Executive Edge, I’m sleeping better and my productivity is through the roof! My listening has shifted. It’s actually made holding people to account a lot easier. I find I am able to spot the underlying issues and deal with them. I have found that my internal voice is much quieter now, so it’s created a capacity to focus and get things done. With my brain not going all the time, I am finding it easier to relax. I have definitely shifted from feeling victimized to a real place of accountability. It has been liberating!

Christopher Ward: Chief Information Officer, Symcor

My work with Marlene Clark and the Momentum staff has not only transformed my business, but my life as well. As a leader in my organization, I don’t get the personal performance feedback that people who have supervisors often receive. Marlene helps me look at my strengths and weaknesses, and together we develop a strategy for action to make positive change. I’ve learned that the work I do has a positive and enduring ripple effect through my staff. I am convinced that this type of consulting is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for executives, but a ‘need to have.’ I’ve learned how to be a better communicator as an employer, a wife, a mother and a friend. There is no dollar value you can put on this. It has been a priceless and life changing experience for me which I would highly recommend.

Nancy Beesley: Chief Marketing Officer, HCB Health

I was pleased to provide an opportunity for Momentum to pilot a new training at International SEMATECH that focused on coaching and the power of questions in that context. The two-day experience was extraordinary for all of the participants, including myself. It earned top ratings from all present. The work was thoughtful, clear and, most important, useful. It continues to be useful, daily. My own satisfied clients are my evidence.

J. Michael Bown: Senior Performance Consultant International SEMATECH

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