When Unable to Find Resolution, Can We Find Commitment?

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Honoring commitments has a much deeper meaning for me today.

It seems as if we are living in a world focused on blame. I’m not saying there aren’t circumstances that create discomfort or pain and suffering. I’m acknowledging that we seem to stay more focused on who’s at fault versus focusing on how to solve the problem or course correct. 

So, it has me wonder, when we are unable to move towards resolution, what is our commitment?

I feel that we need to step out of our reaction and reflect on what we really want to accomplish.  Sometimes we have to reevaluate what the real commitment is underneath our reaction.  

A Higher Call is an incredible true story of two pilots on opposite sides of a war, digging deep and honoring a commitment bigger than their responsibility to their mission.

The first commitment they made was to succeed at their mission.

As the events unfolded, each pilot had to make last minute choices that revealed a deeper commitment and altered the ultimate outcome for each of them. While they didn’t succeed in their initial mission, they were able to succeed with a much greater aim (I won’t spoil the ending but will recommend checking it out for yourself)

These pilots demonstrated the ability to reevaluate what was really important… and it came at great risk to each of them. The result; however, was extraordinary. 

Can we slow down long enough to ponder our commitments?

Are we willing to have the courage to shift our commitments to a greater outcome or cause when we recognize how imperative it would be to change course? Are we accountable enough to communicate to the people that are impacted by our change in plans?

What difference would this make if we honored our commitments from this mindset?

Given the circumstances we have been facing the past couple of weeks (January, 2021), I am deeply committed to understanding, patience, and peace. It is through honoring these commitments that I will be able to be my very best self while serving others.

What are you committed to? I would love to know, so send me an email

Honoring your commitments,

Martha Lynn

Fundamental #11: HONOR COMMITMENTS   Be reliable and deliver on all your commitments, no matter how small. If a commitment is in jeopardy, notify others immediately and set a new commitment.

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