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The other day I found myself saying to one of my executive leadership clients: 

“What you appreciate, appreciates.”

And I thought…”Wait. I’ve been sharing this insight for years. Where did I first hear that?” I’m pretty sure it was from another consultant I was working with many years ago.

And so I decided to look it up and see what pops up on the interwebs. I was delighted to see Lynne Twist’s name attributed to this simple, yet powerful statement. For over thirty years, we’ve known and admired Lynne Twist from her work with The Hunger Project, a grass-roots organization committed to ending world hunger, and for the Pachamama Alliance, a partnership for the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest that she cofounded with her spouse, Bill.

Twist considers herself a Proactivist. Proactivists stand for something, rather than against. In this space of proactivism, she has more openness for what is possible, rather than just a concern for being right.

In the following article, Twist writes from her life experience: 

This power of appreciation is available to all of us, anywhere and anytime. In appreciation of all that we are and already have, we can re-see the possibilities, identify a vision, make a commitment, and act on it.”

For any of us, in the fertile soil of our appreciation, new possibility takes root, and it grows without limits in the lasting light of our attention.”

This is a woman who is living, breathing and acting from a place of love and transforming the world around her and across the globe.

So instead of just writing about our fundamental of the week, “Appreciate and Acknowledge,” I am taking this opportunity to share my deep appreciation for you, Lynne Twist, and acknowledging you for being the inspiring and difference-making leader that you are for the world, and for the work being done in the heart-center of our precious planet, Earth.

Thank you for answering the call of the Achuar indigenous people of Ecuador, and for inviting more allies from the north to help “change the dream of the modern world” by shifting its culture of over-consumption to a culture that honors and sustains life.

Thank you for living “a committed life” and for never giving up.

Thank you for finding joy in the work, maintaining your connection to Source as a daily priority, and for seeing “the core worth of every person you are with, whether they’re a billionaire or a poor orphan.”  I acknowledge and appreciate you for your courage, your depth and your lightness of being. I am moved by who you are. 

For those of you reading this, I invite you to join me in enrolling in the Awakening the Dreamer Course

The time is NOW to wake up, to open our eyes. I so appreciate that we get to do this work within our lifetime and do what we can to create fertile ground for the next generations to come.

Will you join me?

And in case you have a bit more time down to spend in the rabbit hole, here is a fabulous and in-depth article on Lynne Twist:

The Extraordinarily Committed Life of Lynne Twist

All my love,


Fundamental #20: APPRECIATE AND ACKNOWLEDGE  Let people know your appreciation for the qualities that they possess.  Being acknowledged for a task well done is important, being acknowledged for a character quality is lasting.

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