We Serve Ourselves

As 2019 comes to a close and the 20’s roar towards us, this year’s final Fundamental of the Week is:

SERVICE IS 360. We serve each other, our customers, and ourselves when we serve the community. Demonstrate making a difference.

The part of this that jumps out to me is that “we serve ourselves.” As you can surely attest, there’s nothing quite like the fulfillment of doing something for someone else.

One of my favorite stories of service from last year (2018) was about Evoni Williams. Evoni was a young waitress who helped an elderly customer cut up his food so he could eat. I’m sure, in her world, it was nothing extraordinary, but it made a huge difference for the man and for many others. Fortunately for all of us, her good deed was noticed and recognized.

Ms. Williams proves that sometimes it’s just about being aware of what’s needed around us and then taking action.

Another favorite memory is about a life well lived.

Rodney Brown was my 10th grade economics teacher, and was on many of my classmates’ lists of favorite teachers. Thanks to social media we get to stay connected to him today, as he continues to lovingly guide us “Johnston Rams.” A brilliant man of economics and history, his real expertise resides in his heart. I remember a sad day at school when two students in our graduating class died in separate accidents, and Mr. Brown grieved with us all publicly. When asked which of his classes the two boys were in, he remarked that he didn’t know either one of them, but that he loved all the students at our school. That day I learned a lot about the strength of humility, vulnerability and love. Mr. Brown has never been about Mr. Brown. He’s about service, and he’s about love.

And when you really think about it, isn’t that was service really is? Love.

As business consultants we usually don’t know our clients before they hire us. They typically find us online or are referred to us by another client or friend. After doing this for 15 years I’m still amazed at how quickly they grant us trust on both a professional and a personal level.

It’s this generosity in listening that makes them easy to serve and easy to love.

We really do have the greatest “jobs” in the world in serving our customers, and we’d like to serve you too at our completely free and completely awesome Annual Leadership Summit on the morning of Friday, February 14, 2020. It being Valentine’s Day, we are focusing on the role of emotional drivers of behaviors, and I can confidently say there will be a lot of love in the room.

Please join us and RSVP here.


Fundamental of the Week: SERVICE IS 360  We serve each other, our customers, and ourselves when we serve the community.  Demonstrate making a difference.

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