The Symptom and the Cause

On Energy

We have stages in life that feel lower in physical and mental energy than others. Perhaps it’s a stage related to illness or stress. It seems logical that we would look at the cause, not the symptom, but what do we normally do?

We grab another cup of coffee and Go.

I recognized recently that I had a deeper problem with energy than just wanting a cup of coffee in the morning. I felt slower in my energy than would be normal for me. And this time, instead of loading up on caffeine and sugar, I decided I would actually look a little deeper.

I found some information through health circles about celery juice.

Have you heard about this?

Author of several books about natural healing, Anthony William started treating his own ailments with celery juice early in life. He now teaches other people to do the same, wrote a book specifically for that, and has seen incredible stories from people swapping their stimulants for a glass of celery juice.

I read the book and decided that it’s definitely worth a try. It’s a natural phytonutrient, after all, so why wouldn’t I want to address my personal energy with something whole and natural?

As a result, I am less dependent on caffeine stimulants. Now, I feel much more healthy and energetic throughout my day. Instead of reaching for a quick fix or a band-aid, I reach for something that could help my internal system, a simple glass of celery juice.

What internal issue in your business are you putting a band-aid on?

Are you treating symptoms over and over again, or seeking the root source?

In other words, how is turnover in your department? How about employee engagement? How is productivity? Are meetings synergistic? Is there a flow to your work, or is there is there a drain pulling energy out from underneath your systems?

Are you reaching for more coffee when you could be on a celery juice regimen?

Where Anthony William is a Medical Medium to help treat the source of energy depletion in your body, we at Momentum Consulting are a Medium to treat the source of energy depletion in business.

We all want to live in a state of flow at work. The importance is in Discovering the energy drain, addressing the root source of the issue, and transitioning into a new practice that leads to productivity.

How can I help your work flow?


Fundamental of the Week #19: FIX PROBLEMS AT THE SOURCE . Address issues by discovering the root cause rather than focusing on the symptoms or the consequences.  Continuously seek improvement by developing long-term solutions.

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