The Integrity Boat

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We at Momentum Consulting are in the business of helping businesses accelerate and perform through executive and team training in leadership and high performance. We lead by example, utilizing our 26 Organizational Fundamentals in how we operate business. We can help your business uncover your organizational fundamentals and work on your definition and practice of integrity.

Acting with integrity can include the simple practice of “doing what works.”

I like to think of integrity like a boat. It either works or it doesn’t. There is no moral judgement involved. It’s really not about right or wrong or good or bad.  If the boat’s got you, then you can relax, knowing you are being held. You can be highly productive and get from one point to another. Or you can use the opportunity to enjoy just being on the water. (Wow… maybe even take a nap.)

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However, If your boat has a hole, then you’ve got to spend your time and energy bailing out water. This does not allow for getting very far very fast. It certainly doesn’t provide a relaxing environment in which to just be.  And eventually, you’ll have to figure out how to plug the hole.  This is where acknowledging our mistakes and cleaning things up comes in handy.

The other day, my husband, Craig, mentioned that I really must enjoy fixing things. In 2019 we engaged a fabulous company, HOMEPOINT, who have become essential partners in maintaining the integrity of our home. We had two guys here working on things all day, and from time to time I geeked out with them.

My answer to Craig: I used to think I liked to fix things. Now I realize, I just like to have things work.” 

It doesn’t have to be me that does the fixing. I can see how this relates closely with my core value of EXCELLENCE. When your actions are consistent with your deeply rooted Core, then you are acting with integrity. You are being true to who you are, and to what you expect from yourself and others.

The thing I have to watch out for is thinking I have cornered the market on doing the right thing…the right way.

How do you define “doing the right thing?” It seems like there is more value in asking ourselves the question than in the answer itself. And as I’m now well into my sixth decade of living on planet Earth, I notice my answer has changed over time. For me, at this point, it boils down to  

Being true to oneself…

…And being accountable for our impact on others in the process.  When we are true to our core selves then we no longer suffer. This can in turn reduce the suffering for those around us.  When we take accountability for having our actions be in integrity with our core values, things just work

For more about how to define your core values and to explore what integrity means to you, please visit our website. Oh, and here’s a list of all of my Core Values:

Love, Excellence, Fairness, Appreciation, Honesty, Authenticity

Enjoy this day my friend,

Fundamental of the Week #1: ACT WITH INTEGRITY. Demonstrate doing the right thing in all your actions and all your decisions, especially when no one is looking.  Always tell the truth. Acknowledge and own your mistakes, clean them up and make appropriate corrections.

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