Thank You For Your Help!


“Thank you for your generosity of your time and knowledge”

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Which thank-you would you prefer to receive?

The answer is obvious, as being acknowledged for a character quality and the skills you contributed is clearly far more impactful. In addition, you will be much more likely to help that individual again, knowing they appreciate you.

Expressing gratitude simply, with a “thank you”, is evidence of good manners, and something you probably do – and should continue to do – many times in a day.

But if you wish to truly motivate your team to a higher level of performance, try going a little deeper.

What quality did they bring to a project or consistently apply to their work? Perhaps resourcefulness, tenacity, commitment, loyalty, cooperation, dependability, kindness, integrity? Taking a few seconds to recognize them for that quality will inspire greater engagement and performance.

Performance reviews are certainly a great time to do this, made easier if your company has defined the behaviors and character qualities they value. But other one-on-one acknowledgements, even five second off-the-cuff remarks, can be powerful motivators.

Public acknowledgement, in meetings or via intra-company communications, can be even more effective, as other employees note the qualities which are being lauded.

Acknowledgements are also an excellent way to begin a difficult conversation.

For example, if you are having a disciplinary or “get it together” conversation with a staff member, beginning with citing what they are doing wrong will spur the immediate construction of defensive walls, they will be mentally scrambling to build excuses rather than really listening to you.

Try starting with the good qualities they possess and consistently employ, then go into the qualities lacking that you need and your change requests. Still being direct and honest, you can quickly get their attention with a bit of acknowledgement prior to the tough conversation.

As with any life skill, recognizing and vocalizing your appreciation and/or gratitude for people’s character qualities and specific behaviors takes practice. But it gives such immediate and positive feedback that it’s well worth making the effort, both in your professional and private life.

Thank you for your consideration and interest!



FOW #20:APPRECIATE AND ACKNOWLEDGE. Let people know your appreciation for the qualities that they possess. Being acknowledged for a task well done is important, being acknowledged for a character quality is lasting.

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