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For more than 25 years we have worked with senior executives and their teams around the world. Through our process, you will discover the values, vision, and strategy that give your company a competitive edge.
We’ve been privileged to work with some wonderful people over the years. We deeply appreciate the fact that they have told us and many others about the successes they’ve experienced through Momentum Consulting.

Key benefits our clients experience

Accelerated Performance

The companies we've worked with have experienced accelerated performance through increased accountability, leadership development, communication within the organization, and in discovering and owning their own blind spots.

Cultural and Strategic Leadership Alignment

Our clients have seen huge impacts in their cultural and strategic success through building authentic alignment amongst the leadership team along with a focus on building sustainable performance into their culture using our tools.

Higher Employee Engagement

When employees feel connected to a purpose they become more engaged. Our clients have seen substantial results from transforming their employees' experience and performance, as well as that of the organization.

When I began working with Brett in 2008 I had a lofty goal to triple my income in 6 months. By way of our weekly coaching calls I began to notice certain aspects of my communication and listening that were adversely affecting my business without me even knowing it. As a result these discoveries helped my income triple in 5 months. Furthermore, during that period Brett recognized a single customer service issue involving a client who had discontinued an order with my company. I had overlooked the situation, but with Brett’s coaching I had one brief conversation with the client, restored the relationship and put $5,000 of profit in my pocket. The return on my investment is undeniable, and I continue to hold Brett as a valuable resource in the way I conduct myself as a business owner.

Christian Okonsky: CEO, KLD Energy Technologies

Craig Clark provided a great service at a time when I really needed to become introspective. So many of us were caught in the grist of a major corporate merger. I got some valuable coaching that helped me sort through a long career history and enabled me to prioritize my goals and acknowledge the long term objectives that I had somehow lost in my busy work life. The coaching clarified what I wanted to achieve and where I wanted my career to take me. Too often, we’re so busy that we forget that we are the masters of our own destinations and that we must sometimes make difficult decisions and chart a different path in order to recover control of life and achieve real satisfaction.

Liz Williamson: Former Vice President International Government Affairs, Conoco Petroleum

Throughout my career I had learned that emotion did not belong in the workplace. This was especially true as a woman; to express any feeling was a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, I learned this lesson so well it impacted my personal life, without my noticing. Through my work with Marlene, I began learn the complete opposite: how to bring my entire self to work and let my feelings strengthen my relationships. However, the greatest impact of my work with Momentum Consulting has been in my personal life. Just before I had my first session with Marlene, I met an amazing man. I had started to think about my approach to professional interactions but, because of my habit of emotional detachment, I came very close to losing him before we had really begun. Now, I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Without Marlene, I might have missed the love of my life.

Victoria T.: Information Technology, Financial business process outsourcing company

I was pleased to provide an opportunity for Momentum to pilot a new training at International SEMATECH that focused on coaching and the power of questions in that context. The two-day experience was extraordinary for all of the participants, including myself. It earned top ratings from all present. The work was thoughtful, clear and, most important, useful. It continues to be useful, daily. My own satisfied clients are my evidence for that. I recommend this experienced, resourceful and dedicated company without qualification.

J. Michael Bown: Senior Performance Consultant International SEMATECH

Tracey has helped me to navigate challenges I faced in the work place as a new manager guiding a team. Her coaching has not only made me a more effective leader but has also helped me to create a work life balance whose effects extend beyond the office. Tracey has given me the tools to continue to flourish within my career and is a great source of support and guidance.

Carly Wikelius: Buying Director at KITH NYC

Working with Marlene Clark of Momentum Consulting has been extremely helpful and insightful. We’ve uncovered so much about our strengths and also have been able to see what wasn’t working and create strategies for building a partnership that works. Marlene has helped achieve real breakthroughs in communication and clarity between us. With true alignment on all levels and real communication about our common purpose, there areno limits to the growth we can achieve.

Elizabeth Winslow & Stephanie Scherzer: Owners, Farmhouse Delivery of Austin, Texas

We employed Craig Clark and his team because they had a breadth of experience and talent to fit a variety of our needs, including high-level team building sessions with our executives and managers, training internal trainers for us to build a practice of accountability across the organization and helping our managers to develop their listening and coaching skills. They were also instrumental in working with our Union reps and Management reps prior to Union Contract negotiations on how to conduct collaborative negotiations – a model we continue to use. We are an international company with locations worldwide, and their uncommon cultural sensitivity, respect for people and extraordinary experience gave us a resource worldwide, not just in Canada. We like these guys!

Lisa Zangari: Vice President, Human Resources Placer Dome Canada

Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to work with various consultant groups. Going into my sessions with Momentum Consulting and more specifically, Martha Lynn Mangum, I was not sure what to expect, but kept an open mind based on previous experiences. My expectations were exceeded, but the content, substance, and ultimately the results of our sessions were in my opinion “life changing”.The work and exposure to my Core Values and their application in my professional and personal life was eye opening and acted as a catalyst to probe so many things.  Your unique ability to connect these to our interaction with people and to use them as a basis of improving our communication and listening skills and ultimately our relationship dynamics is unmatched.  I am extremely grateful for your passion to your trade and I can assure you I have and will continue to share my experience with others.

Brian S: Nationally recognized facilities management company

There has been improvement in my ability to communicate in a professional manner and provide valuable insight to other team members. The coaching has given me a renewed feeling and approach when it comes to my job. I have been with my company for almost 30 years, and now my attitude and outlook is 100% better. I look forward to my job again and know that I do add value to my company. The coaching has also improved my life at home because I am enjoying my job again. The skills I have learned are life skills and something that I will be able to draw on in many situations. I can tell you it’s well worth the time and money invested.

Erica W: Nationally recognized facilities management company

When I first started working with Martha Lynn, my hope was to find new ways to increase my business revenue. What has happened, though, is that working with Martha Lynn has helped shift my thinking, actions, and ways of being in all areas of my life. The increased revenue that I have realized as the result of working with her now seems like a marginal benefit. The best gift of working with Martha Lynn is the sense of hope, excitement, and empowerment she has helped me realize. My dreams have taken on new life and energy, and new opportunities have unfolded that I couldn’t see before. The additional income is nice, too. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Walker Gates: Attorney at Law, The Law Office of Jennifer Walker Gates

When I began working with Martha Lynn Walker I was burned out, under-producing and ready for a change. I got what I was looking for! Martha Lynn helped me to process and organize my thoughts so that I could define what I wanted out of my business… and my life. I was coached to determine my big picture goals, identify specific results, and then we got to work! Every week we discussed the dynamics of the business and my performance.… Since the status quo had not been working, Martha Lynn pushed me out of my comfort zone! I would highly recommend Martha Lynn Walker and Momentum Consulting to anyone who is ready to change the way they operate within their business…. A year after beginning with Martha Lynn, my revenue is steady, and I’m excited about the outlook for my business.

Trey Williams: President, Kevin’s Cookies & DeliCurrent CEO of Swingtide

I had the pleasure of working with Tracey as my executive coach. I found the experience very enriching, as she was very supportive throughout the process. As we began the journey, we found key areas of opportunity for my development, set a plan in motion, and as a result, I achieved my goal of promotion to Vice President of our company’s entire global supply chain. This evidence is proof that her insight led to the right professional outcome for me. As a result, I can highly recommend Tracey for anyone that is looking for keen individual insights and a pathway to achieve your personal goals.

Karolina Brandt: VP Supply Chain Management, Nutrabolt

The sales and business development training we got was different and on the money. I suspect it’s meant millions of dollars for Sun, and I consistently hit my numbers year after year. I still enjoy the counsel of Momentum Consulting; they not only teach how to build relationships they live it!

Barbara Preston: Account Manager, Research and Education Sales Sun Microsystems

I was blown away by the results. It was so much more than I expected. Having an objective party made all the difference in addressing the team dynamic with their manager. One huge take-away was the trust that got established. This has been so valuable, since trust can be hard to earn, even after many years.

Amanda B: Nationally recognized facilities management company

Momentum Consulting has been my secret weapon for years. There are many options when it comes to improving your performance, both personally and professionally. I’ve found that working with Momentum can turn a drive for improvement into results in a way that’s faster and more transformational than others.

Tina Schweiger: Principal, Director of Digital Media, Ascend Marketing

My work with Marlene Clark and the Momentum staff has not only transformed my business, but my life as well. As a leader in my organization, I don’t get the personal performance feedback that people who have supervisors often receive. Marlene helps me look at my strengths and weaknesses, and together we develop a strategy for action to make positive change. I’ve learned that the work I do has a positive and enduring ripple effect through my staff. I am convinced that this type of consulting is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for executives, but a ‘need to have.’ I’ve learned how to be a better communicator as an employer, a wife, a mother and a friend. There is no dollar value you can put on this. It has been a priceless and life changing experience for me which I would highly recommend.

Nancy Beesley: Chief Marketing Officer, HCB Health

Our Executive Team was scheduled to participate in an alignment and team building process. The premise was that unless we were willing to be accountable for how we worked together and what we modeled in our organization, we had no right to demand that of others. Frankly, I was skeptical. I agreed with the premise; I just had rarely met consultants that I thought actually ‘walked their talk’ in such matters. Then I met Craig Clark and his team. Right up front they said, ‘We stand for the Dignity of all people, and we are committed to producing a breakthrough with each of you in what leadership takes.’ You know what? For four-and-a-half days that’s exactly what they demonstrated…. I observed a level of sensitivity that I find uncommon in the world of business.I was different after that, and I think I am better. I listen to his coaching still and something else that I think makes Momentum a great consulting group, they listen to mine.

David Wroe: Former Chief Technology Officer, CNA Financial, Current CEO of Swingtide

In 3 years’ time, Martha Lynn coached and consulted with me for my business and for me personally. I am a successful small business owner managing every aspect of my business and taking care of my family with overlapping business and family hours since I work from home. My experience with Martha Lynn was life changing. In a short amount of time, she helped me to understand my self, why I do things and found ways to identify the actions that I do that both help and hinder my successes. As a person, I developed a deeper understanding of how I can impact my life toward success and to this day, 7 years later, I still benefit from her coaching. Momentum Consulting brilliantly knows how to bring out the best in each individual.

Cammie Klier: C.P.B.D, Founder, Custom Design Services

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