Why are we so resistant to change or doing things we’ve never done before? Moving out of my comfort zone is always a challenge and when I examine why that is, I can’t really find any good reason. I realize I get lazy in my comfort, and the other side of that coin is boredom, being stuck, and not growing. For example, I’ve been asked to write a blog for several months now. I’ve been resisting because, quite frankly, I didn’t feel I had anything valuable to share. However, I stepped back and got clarity about what I was being asked to do, which was to write a few sentences about what I experience or something I’ve learned. Well, I learn things every day and the more open I am to sharing and being transparent, the greater the opportunity for me to connect, grow, and make a difference. The New Year is always a great time to recommit to goals and promises. In order to succeed, we have to remember that we have to create different behaviors to anchor those goals. One behavior that helps me do those things I resist is to give myself a deadline and let another person know what I promise. Once I’ve done that, I put the “resistant” action items on my to-do list first. It holds me accountable for getting it done first and then I’m not carrying it around with me all day! What’s one thing you’ve been resisting? Put it first on your list and experience the incredible freedom once it’s done!

Martha Lynn Mangum