Meet the Consultants: An Interview with Martha Lynn Mangum

1) How long have you been with Momentum Consulting?
Since 2003. Wow, time flies!

2) Why do you love what you do?
The reason above all others is that it fulfills my number one core value of connection. But I also love what I learn from my clients. They all come from different industries and backgrounds. It’s fascinating to learn what makes each of them tick and what got them started in their field of interest. Coaching is a great opportunity for me to continue learning and expand my knowledge of the business world.

3) What is the best feedback you’ve gotten from a client?
“You’ve changed my life.” Can’t really beat that.

4) You hold a degree in spiritual psychology. What got you interested in that?
I always wanted to study psychology in college, but got off track in the beginning. My first four years, my goal was just to get through it as quickly as possible. When I went back for my master’s, I still had the interest in psychology, but was really intrigued by the spiritual aspect of it all. The idea that there’s something out there that’s bigger than us, supporting us. I believe that.

5) Why did you decide to plant your roots in Austin?
My family is in Corpus, so I love being relatively close to them. Austin just has so much to offer. It has that small town feel but with big city opportunities. I love the Bass Performing Arts Center, the lakes, the parks, the live music (Bob Schneider!)… I could go on and on. You can completely be yourself here. It’s a true, no-judgement melting pot.

6) Describe a typical weekend in the Mangum household.
Coffee on the deck, reading, exercising and quality time with my fabulous husband, Greg. If we have the kids for the weekend, then it’s all about them. If it’s football season, then it’s all about football. We love to entertain.

7) How did you end up at Momentum?
I was at a crossroads for creating a new career for myself. This led me to do some other transformational work with Craig and Marlene. They had focused mainly on the international consulting work and then we started talking about growing their business locally. All I could think was “I want to play there. That’s good stuff they’re cooking up.”

8 ) To wrap it up, what are your top three favorite restaurants in Austin?
1) Fino
2) Uchi
3) Shady Grove