Martha Lynn Mangum

Executive Coach & Principal

Martha Lynn’s Core Values are:

Connection, Trust, Respect, Stability


Martha Lynn Mangum is a skilled listener who knows how to put her clients into action. By making herself accountable for their success, she forges a partnership with them that delivers the kinds of outcomes clients need from an executive coach.

Martha Lynn believes that true success in coaching means valuing and appreciating both the similarities and differences between people. Serving clients as diverse as top CEOs and small business owners, she develops a customized approach for each based on that person’s unique needs. Then, she holds them – and herself – accountable for putting the plan into action. The results are extraordinary.

Martha Lynn trains others well because she’s been well trained. She holds a B.A. in Applied Learning and Development from UT Austin and a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Over the past 15 years, Martha Lynn has put her training to work leading organizational workshops and spearheading community projects.

At Momentum, Martha Lynn helps lead the Austin-based executive consulting division and handles multiple individual clients. She also leads programs for Momentum corporate clients across the country.

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Our Clients Say It All

See what past clients have to say about working with us!

I was referred to Martha Lynn because I felt stuck. Stuck in a position that offered little growth and stuck not knowing what I wanted to do about it. I reached out to Martha Lynn and she provided me clarity: a way to see my position as a significant opportunity. In the short time I spent with Martha Lynn, I wrote a book, built a website and got engaged! …And hired developers for a web application for a start-up on the side, began volunteering, and initiated an overhaul to my office environment that resulted in a promotion. It was a busy 16 weeks but it really is amazing what a coach like Martha Lynn can provide. Highly recommended for anyone feeling a bit stagnant in their career wanting to strive to the next level.

Patrick Kennedy: Author of Thriving As A Commercial Real Estate Broker

Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to work with various consultant groups. Going into my sessions with Momentum Consulting and more specifically, Martha Lynn Mangum, I was not sure what to expect, but kept an open mind based on previous experiences. My expectations were exceeded, but the content, substance, and ultimately the results of our sessions were in my opinion “life changing”.

The work and exposure to my Core Values and their application in my professional and personal life was eye opening and acted as a catalyst to probe so many things.  Your unique ability to connect these to our interaction with people and to use them as a basis of improving our communication and listening skills and ultimately our relationship dynamics is unmatched.  I am extremely grateful for your passion to your trade and I can assure you I have and will continue to share my experience with others.

Brian S.: Nationally recognized facilities management company

When I first started working with Martha Lynn, my hope was to find new ways to increase my business revenue. What has happened, though, is that working with Martha Lynn has helped shift my thinking, actions, and ways of being in all areas of my life. The increased revenue that I have realized as the result of working with her now seems like a marginal benefit. The best gift of working with Martha Lynn is the sense of hope, excitement, and empowerment she has helped me realize. My dreams have taken on new life and energy, and new opportunities have unfolded that I couldn’t see before. The additional income is nice, too. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Walker Gates: Attorney at Law, The Law Office of Jennifer Walker Gates

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