Marlene Clark

President & Cofounder

Marlene’s Core Values are:

Love, Excellence, Fairness, Appreciation, Honesty, Authenticity


Marlene Clark helps executives and organizations find the best in themselves. As a highly trained, experienced business consultant, she is laser-focused and knows how to listen. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions to get to the core of an issue and partner with her clients to find solutions. The result is long-term success for the individual and the organization. Marlene works with highly talented and successful C-level executives who want perceptive feedback to accelerate their performance. She looks past the title and into the person, giving them support they need to grow themselves, their people and their companies.

Marlene has spent the past 25 years working with leadership teams transforming how they work together using accountability-based communication and collaboration tools. Through hundreds of team programs and one-to-one executive coaching she has witnessed the enormous influence culture has on how people behave and perform, whether by default or by design.

As a Certified Consultant of High Performing Culture, she works with top leadership using the proven 8-step Fundamentals System to intentionally define, drive and sustain cultural behaviors. Marlene offers something many consultants strive for – tangible value and 100% accountability for leaders and their teams. She looks at limitations and helps turn those into opportunities. She is a positive change agent, who believes that everyone can have fulfillment and top performance if they do the work.

With a major in sociology, Marlene received her formal education from Texas State University. She has over 5,000 hours of professional industry education, including 500+ hours of Yoga Teacher Training from Breath and Body Yoga. As president and co-founder of Momentum Consulting, her practice includes an impressive client roster of C-level executives, Vice-Presidents and Directors of corporations in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Blessed with two grown daughters, she resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and business-partner, Craig Clark.

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Our Clients Say It All

See what past clients have to say about working with us!

Working with Marlene Clark of Momentum Consulting has been extremely helpful and insightful. We’ve uncovered so much about our strengths and also have been able to see what wasn’t working and create strategies for building a partnership that works. Marlene has helped achieve real breakthroughs in communication and clarity between us. With true alignment on all levels and real communication about our common purpose, there are no limits to the growth we can achieve.

Elizabeth Winslow & Stephanie Scherzer: Owners, Farmhouse Delivery of Austin, Texas

My work with Marlene Clark and the Momentum staff has not only transformed my business, but my life as well. As a leader in my organization, I don’t get the personal performance feedback that people who have supervisors often receive. Marlene helps me look at my strengths and weaknesses, and together we develop a strategy for action to make positive change…. I’ve learned that the work I do has a positive and enduring ripple effect through my staff.… I am convinced that this type of consulting is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for executives, but a ‘need to have.’ …I’ve learned how to be a better communicator as an employer, a wife, a mother and a friend. There is no dollar value you can put on this. It has been a priceless and life changing experience for me which I would highly recommend.

Nancy Beesley: Chief Marketing Officer, HCB Health

Since participating in Momentum’s Executive Edge, I’m sleeping better and my productivity is through the roof! My listening has shifted. It’s actually made holding people to account a lot easier. I find I am able to spot the underlying issues and deal with them. I have found that my internal voice is much quieter now, so it’s created a capacity to focus and get things done. With my brain not going all the time, I am finding it easier to relax. I have definitely shifted from feeling victimized to a real place of accountability. It has been liberating!

Christopher Ward: Chief Information Officer, Symcor

I was blown away by the results from Marlene. It was so much more than I expected. Having an objective party made all the difference in addressing the team dynamic with their manager. One huge take-away was the trust that got established. This has been so valuable, since trust can be hard to earn, even after many years.

Amanda B: Nationally recognized facilities management company

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