Love Everybody and Tell the Truth

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When I think of what it means to “do your best”, I immediately think of a quote by Ram Dass that says “Love everybody and tell the truth”.

When someone isn’t being honest, we can feel it. No matter how well spoken they are, if someone isn’t telling the truth, something feels amiss, leading to lack of clarity and trust for all those involved.

On the flip side, when someone is completely truthful in their communication, that is also felt. Even if the words aren’t what we want to hear, we all know that challenging truth always feels better than polite fabrication.

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes” – Maggie Kuhn

The most efficient way to accelerate our human performance is to be 100% true to ourselves and those we interact with. When we tell the truth, we align with ourselves and can be sure we are utilizing our best ability for the task or discussion at hand.

Alignment creates accuracy. Accuracy creates clarity. And clarity enhances performance.

Whether speaking from facts or authentic feelings, truth creates clarity, and the more clear we are about the conditions of our own life, the more we increase our ability to perform.

I feel a great sadness when I look back at how much time I’ve spent paralyzing my own productivity out of fear that I wasn’t enough.

Not a single one of those times was I living from a place of truth, but rather a curated version of who I thought I should be.

If we always live and speak from a place of truth, we can go about our lives with ease and trust, which frees up space for more of our best to shine through. 

In the spirit of loving everybody and telling the truth I feel an acknowledgment is in order. That acknowledgment is of Carrie Harper, our executive assistant. I know I speak for all of Momentum Consulting when I say that Carrie is the lifeblood of this weekly blog. Every blog post I have written has been edited and quality-insured by Carrie. No matter how late I submit my draft to her, she always ensures that the best product possible gets published. Carrie is a true example of this fundamental and always does so with incredible patience and grace. So thank you Carrie Harper. We love you dearly!

Caitlyn Rose

(you’re welcome, Caitlyn <3))

Fundamental #5: ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST: It’s essential that we always do our very best.  If there is ever a question about quality, go back, stay at it until the question is removed.

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  • Caitlyn-really appreciate your thoughts on this. I think we can forget the power of honesty, authenticity and bringing integrity to all aspects of our lives. It does take courage, but it is always worth it to ourselves and others. Thanks.

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