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A Lesson in Core Values and Integrity – Carrie Harper

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As Executive Assistant at Momentum Consulting, one of the first major perks is to learn “The Momentum Way,” the way Momentum serves and coaches clients. Getting my mind wrapped around the essentials of their coaching helps me deliver their communications more effectively. But on a personal note, their skill sets are essential to personal and business development and growth.

One of our first exercises was to uncover my “core values,” which at first I thought would be more like “priorities” or “life roles.” No, I found out, everyone has values set so deep in them that it drives their lives. It’s not what we consider to be important; it’s what we know so deeply in our psyche that we expect everyone and everything to adhere.

It took me a little digging to really think through this, because on the surface, we do all think everyone believes or has common knowledge of values and priorities. Marlene and I both nodded vigorously when we discovered my number one driver: Integrity.

Integrity: firm adherence to principle – Merriam-Webster

The fact that everyone is not guided by Integrity also took me a minute to absorb, but it also answered the question “How do they sleep at night?’

Guess What? That’s not for me to determine.

The “they” in question could be anyone that, as my limited mind’s eye sees it, would be absolutely out of bounds in the grand field of Integrity. Unspeakable criminal behaviors or acts against Humanity would always lead to that question in my mind. So, perhaps, “they” feel just fine. Perhaps “they” are resting easy. That would depend on “their” core values.

Now, I’m learning to be ok with that. It helps me in traffic, in reading the news, or when faced with a hater, that I can simply explain it as a difference in core values.

How about you?

If you haven’t seen Momentum Consulting at work, we cordially invite you to a FREE function at the Austin Central Library on 02/14/2020. It’s sure to be a personal and business shifting morning, for sure. We would love for you to come; just RSVP Here.

Fundamental of the Week #1: ACT WITH INTEGRITY . Demonstrate doing the right thing in all your actions and all your  decisions, especially when no one is looking.  Always tell the truth. Acknowledge and own your mistakes, clean them up and make appropriate corrections. 

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