How We Do Anything is How We Do Everything

a guest post from Caitlyn Rose Clark

The last month or so when I ask people how they’ve been doing, 95% of the answers have been something along the lines of “eh…. ok” or “Oh man…. I’m really going through it”.

Personally, I have been in a cycle of suffering that my ego was sure I had leveled up from a long time ago. Past limiting beliefs that I thought had healed had me like a bull by the horns. And I wouldn’t stop rearing my head. I’ve noticed this to be a pattern this time of year. Most of the time, I keep my head down and stay laser focused on the Spring I know always comes. Once it does, I’ve had a history of shrugging it off and saying something like “wow it feels good to be me again”.

This year, I took a different approach. I chose to actually talk about how challenging life has been. Every time someone asked how I had been doing, I answered with pure honesty. Most of the time the honest answer was “you know I am growing so much because of this but man it has been SO challenging”. The relief washing over people’s faces was all I needed to see in order to know this newfound vulnerability was a good call.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

That includes business. When we don’t have permission to be honest about how tough life can be because it’s not “appropriate for the workplace,” we end up limiting our own productivity and performance in the work place.

I always say that we need more love in business… not for the sake of politeness, but to save time, money, and, to get straight to the point, because love is truth. And truth gets s%^& done, which inherently increases our performance.

Compassionately owning our challenges is the very fuel we need to overcome them.

Every single individual goes through the painful trials and tribulations this human experience has to offer. Not a single one of us will ever authentically graduate the work it takes to be human. Some will tell you otherwise and that’s called spiritual bypass (but that’s a whole other blog post).

So… I want to first acknowledge you. Yes you. The very real human being reading this. You are not alone. You have done nothing wrong to create the challenges life has thrown or is throwing at you. I see you working so hard to do your best. You are doing a great job. I love you.

And now here is my invitation to you: please tell the truth when people ask you how you are. Especially in the workplace. You are supported. Please ask for support when you need it. Your vulnerable authenticity will be the permission someone has been desperately waiting for. It’s time for us to clear out the debris we’ve all been hiding behind and allow ourselves to fully be seen.

And when we do, our performance will absolutely thank us for it.

Caitlyn Rose

Caitlyn Rose is an affiliate partner with Momentum Consulting. More of her work can be found here.

If you are struggling to speak up at work or do not feel supported, we wish to offer you support here at Momentum Consulting. Please ask for a discovery call with one of our consultants.

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