Honor Commitments | FOW #11

Be reliable and deliver on all your commitments, no matter how small. If a commitment is in jeopardy, notify others immediately and set a new commitment.


Why do we have such a hard time saying no?

I may be assuming it’s hard for you because I had to teach myself that saying no sometimes was better than saying yes and suffering over that commitment.

Somewhere along the way, I thought quantity was more important than quality. I thought that the more I took on was a reflection of my greatness.

However, the consequence was that I wasn’t able to meet and complete all my agreements. And then, I began losing credibility.

My father taught me that your word is everything.

If you tell someone you’re going to do something, do it. It became very black and white for me as I felt like I had to say yes to everything and I would beat myself up when it didn’t get done. I also didn’t feel I had the freedom to decline a request.

It’s much easier to honor commitments when we freely choose the commitment. So many times, we agree to do things without giving much thought as to whether or not it’s a realistic agreement.

So, how do we get to choose?

The first thing I do is make sure I understand the commitment, what it will take to get done, and when is it expected to be completed before I say yes. If I can’t make it work within the given timeframe, I’ll present an optional solution.  Most of the time, this works for everyone.

I’ve also learned that it’s okay to say no. I’m no longer willing to make a commitment that I won’t be able to keep even with the best intentions.

“Never promise more than you can perform.”  Publilius Syrus


Honoring commitments is not just about following through with the commitment.

It will serve us if we focus more on making the commitment mindfully. Then, it’s just a matter of execution.

We also can remember that if something gets in the way that interferes with meeting our timeframe, we are still honoring our commitment when we communicate and problem solve with the person or persons that it will impact.


So, to put it simply:

  1. Get clarity in the commitment you’re making.
  2. Say yes, no, or present another option.
  3. Execute and communicate

I’ve spent too many years making it unnecessarily complicated!!

Deeply committed,

Martha Lynn

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