Hello from the Spiritual Heart of Botswana

While working with a Botswana mining client recently Craig was able to visit the Spiritual heart of Botswana.

The four chief hills of Tsodilo represent the highest point in Botswana and are commonly referred to as the “Male”, “Female”, “Child”, and the unnamed knoll. Tsodilo, located in the northwestern part of Botswana is unique due to its spiritual significance to the local people as well as its record of early human settlement.

According to UNESCO there are over 4,500 rock paintings in the Tsodilo Hills. Most paintings are found on the “Female” hill some of the most famous are the whale and lion. Some of the paintings have been dated to be as early as 24,000 years ago.

Botswana, located in South Africa and is the world’s 48th largest country and slightly smaller than Momentum’s home state of Texas, USA.

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