Service is 360 – FOW #8

We serve each other, our customers, and ourselves when we serve the community. Demonstrate making a difference.

Being of service to others includes all aspects and all areas of our lives. It is not just something we do to check the box on being a good person. If we’re paying attention, there is an opportunity for service to become a part of who we are each and every day. When we started Momentum Consulting, we were young, hungry and eager to learn and grow and make a difference.

When my husband (and business partner) asked me to marry him 32 years ago he made me a whole slew of unreasonable promises. I’m pretty sure he started with only a few in mind, however, I was so dumbfounded by the fact he was proposing to me that I didn’t say anything. This in turn, spurned him on and he just kept promising.

The one that finally did it, the one that stopped me in my tracks and had me actually consider the possibility of making a life-long commitment to this guy was this:

“I promise you our lives will always be about something bigger than ourselves.”

That did it. I was screwed. I knew I would say yes! And I did. Why is that? Well, I have a strong suspicion that within each and every one of us dwells a profound desire to contribute beyond ourselves, to serve others and to know that our lives makes some sort of difference.

In a world full of survival strategies and endless competition we can lose sight of not only what is important but also, of what actually works. And what works is having our daily lives be about more than our tasks and to do lists. We can be reminded that we get to say “yes!” to serving others, including those in our work environments, our clients, our families, friends and our communities.

When I was taking care of MY beautiful mom towards the end of her life I would take her to doctor appointments and pick up groceries, pay her bills, etc. She would always tell me thank you so much for being there for her. We had a cute little saying between us. I would say, “Momma, I get to, I don’t got to.” It always made us laugh. No matter how hard things got for her, even in the end, I would repeat this to her over and over again and we would laugh some more. I realize now that me being there for her was really for me. Serving others is a gift that goes 360; ultimately, it is a gift we give ourselves.

To the Best Year Yet!