Demonstrate Urgency in Response Time & Follow Up – FOW #22

Man checking his watch to check urgency and stay on time

Model enthusiasm in your response to issues and rigor in your follow up.  Make sure your work is accurate, complete, and timely. Keep people updated, and make sure they are clear about your communication(s).

I can see at least three major benefits to practicing this fundamental:

  • It makes a difference in how you feel about yourself and increases your energy.

  • It has a positive impact on others and builds trust in your working together.

  • It moves things forward:  for you, for others and for the organization as a whole.


Yesterday after yoga class led by my daughter Caitlynrose, (yes I’m a proud mom) I overhead her sharing with someone about an audiobook that has made a huge difference for her called The 5 Second Rule.

Mel Robbins shares with us an amazing tool she has adopted to get herself in action.

I need this book. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….I just ordered it.

You got 5 seconds – go!

(learn more about the science behind the5-second rule here


Unfortunately, the reality is we are judged by our behavior not by our intention.

Along with managing my projects, it’s important for me to notice the impact my commitments are having on others.

When I bring a sense of urgency, clearly communicate and keep others up-to-date on progress, it keeps us all on the same page.  Plus we have more of an opportunity to collaborate with each other and have some fun along the way.



One of the reasons we choose MOMENTUM CONSULTING as our name nearly twenty years ago is this very principle – it feels good to move forward…and it feels really good to move forward with a group of people.

Avoid the trap of trying to figure everything out on your own. Respond to folks right away, ask for help if you need it, pull together.

Momentum equals mass times velocity:    p = mv


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