Lead By Example – FOW #21

A serene, empty meeting room, a common space for a leader to set the example for their team of expected behavior.

The best way to influence others is “being the change you want to see.” Bring a calming presence. Help others shine.

Charisma doesn’t make you a leader, being a present and dependable role model will.

Showing up and consistently setting the example for your team is hard work, and it’s a foundational step in leading your team to success.

Think back to being the new person at work.

You start out on your very best behavior, sitting up straight and fully present in meetings, and you’re dressed to the letter of the office dress code.

Fast forward a few months, a year, two years…are you still on your very best behavior?

As we integrate into a company culture we see where the edges are, and where we can soften a bit.

One coworker dresses more casually, so you feel more comfortable dressing down a bit more. You see a few coworkers with their laptop out during a meeting, so you start to feel more comfortable bringing yours as well.

We look to those around us to model the acceptable behavior for a workplace.

This is weighted with someone’s role in the company. We might not take our cues from an interns behavior, but our CEO’s carriage at work holds extra sway.

As a leader, recognize that you set the bar for where the edges are in your company.

Next time you catch yourself pulling out your phone in a meeting to peek at an email that zips in, ask yourself if that’s the behavior you want to model as “ok” for new and existing people on your team.

When you set the bar high for your own behaviors and habits, others follow suit.

If you let your standards slip in your own behaviors, others will notice and model that.

Allow your day to day behaviors to set the precedent for the behaviors that drive your company culture.

All my best,