Deliver Results – FOW #14

Photo Credit to Jaromir Kavan

While effort is appreciated, what gets recognized and rewarded are results. Set high goals, don’t overpromise, track and measure your progress, then hold yourself accountable for delivering on the results. 

For those of us working within a team environment, every time we deliver on the results we have promised to deliver, we have simultaneously made a deposit (+) in the trust accounts of those relationships impacted by that result. When we consciously and purposefully set, manage and track our deliverables, we build more trust within our teams and within ourselves. When those around us know they can count on us to fulfill on what we said we would do, by when we said we would do it, we contribute to their (+) positive perception of us and build trust.

On the reverse, when we’re in a hurry and give our word loosely without a committed plan to deliver, or tell people what we think they want to hear, whether it’s the board, our boss or a client, it costs us. Every time we don’t deliver there is a price paid in our productivity, our vitality, our integrity, and our relationships. When this happens we essentially are making a withdrawal (-) from the trust accounts in the relationships that are impacted.  And even though we may not intend to, we have now contributed to their (-) negative perception of us and leave them wondering if they can count on us doing what we said we would do, by when we said we would do it, which erodes trust.

Either way, it is our accountability to manage not only the results we produce; we also have the opportunity to manage the impact we have on those around us, in getting there. Think of the trust account you hold between each one of your teammates as an account with your name on it. One way to look at it is to realize you are the owner of your trust accounts. If you miss a deadline, clean it up, apologize for the impact and make a new promise. Let them know they can count on you in the future. Then whatever you do, hold yourself accountable for delivering on the result.

In a few weeks, we will focus on Fundamental #23:  PRACTICE RECOVERY. Let’s face it, when we’re playing a big game, we are not here in this lifetime to be perfect. We are here to contribute in a positive way and learn and grow along the way – which, quite possibly, could be the best reward of all.

All my best,