Appreciate & Acknowledge – FOW #20

This might be my favorite fundamental…well, besides, “Have Fun!”

The older I get the more important it has become for me to live in a state of appreciation and gratitude.

When I’m not in this state I notice there is suffering. And since I do have more of a commitment to having fun and enjoying life than I have to suffering, I have naturally shifted my focus toward what I appreciate about the people in my life.

What a coincidence, there is also less suffering for those around me as well.

This isn’t a perfect science.

It is more of a pull and a tug in my heart towards what really matters.

Today, there is someone, in particular, I especially appreciate, Julie Ziegelman, our Director of Operations for the last 4 years.

Why this is especially present for me is that at the end of the month Julie is shifting to a 1freelance role as a generalist for startups (who need an all-around badass to hold it all together with them while they grow and scale!)

When I think of Julie the first quality that comes to mind is integrity,  quickly followed by excellence and tenacity!

“Julie, I can always count on you to do what you said you would do and to bring a sense of urgency and excellence to whatever you are doing!

I appreciate the heart and commitment you bring to projects, systems, and process improvements. Thank you for taking care of everything.

Thank you for taking care of us.  You are one of a kind and we will miss you.”

With gratitude,
The Momentum Consulting Team

Take a moment and think of who you appreciate in your life.

Now pick up the phone or walk across the office and acknowledge them…right now (this will take 5 minutes of your day.)

Let them know what qualities and characteristics you appreciate in them and what a difference they make in your life.

With much gratitude and all my best,