Always seek a breakthrough approach. Our job is to improve the lives and work of the people we serve. This path takes planning, diligence, and thoughtfulness.

Over the years, I have participated in more seminars, workshops, and training sessions than I could possibly count or even remember. Most of them were tips on how to do something better: sales, goals, organization, etc. Looking back, I would say I was more interested in the social aspect than I was in the education. Little of the material stuck with me, as what was one person’s great system for doing things effectively did not necessarily work for me.

Then I stumbled onto a unique program called the Successful Living Seminar. Founded on breakthrough or transformation, this program was not about doing, it was about being. It opened my eyes to the limitations of my own thinking and how I saw things, and created a genuine interest in programs about transformation. I realized that learning from looking inward was where most of the juice and expansion in life is. I found any situation in life could be transformed through examining my own beliefs about the situation, seeing where I was limited in my thinking, and then with an expanded view, look for fresh avenues of resolution. This was about the time the expression “think outside of the box” was becoming popular. I realized the box is one’s own set of thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions with which they view the world, and also a boundary, which limits one’s thinking. From that time forward, my life began an upward trajectory.

Momentum Consulting was formed on the belief that we could bring this kind of transformational approach to organizations and the people in them. Organizations are interested in performance. Performance is driven by behavior. If we could impact behavior, we could impact performance. Impacting behavior meant creating breakthroughs with people that allowed them to see where they were getting in their own way in how they performed. A breakthrough here is a moment when a person can see how they are operating and how that way of operating limits them. When people can see that place that was previously a blind spot, they are able to self-correct pretty reliably.

Webster say’s, “Ontology deals with the nature of being.” When a person can see the nature of their Ontology in a situation, their way of being, the impact is they have a larger view of themselves and have a greater capacity to think or hear of new actions they can take. This lets people perform at a higher level. This is the business we are in.

Given the world is always changing, bringing a breakthrough quality of impact to the lives of the people and the organizations we serve demands focus, planning, and fluidity in our approach. It also demands that we are constantly looking at our results for improvement and thinking how we can do this more effectively so that we have a greater impact and that those we serve have a greater outcome.

Craig Clark
Founder and CEO,
Momentum Consulting, Inc