Fun can be Productive?!

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From a young age we are conditioned to believe that taking things seriously and working hard is the key to success.

Our parents and teachers often discouraged us from “goofing off” in order to focus and complete our work. This conditioning has been carried to how most people show up in business.

The words “fun” and “productivity” rarely occur in the same sentence. But what if we discovered that having more fun actually increases our productivity?

Fundamental #14: Deliver Results states “While effort is appreciated, what gets recognized and rewarded is results”. Often the intent of hard work is to produce results and to produce them as efficiently as possible. There is great value in hard work. But at what point does it become detrimental to not only our wellbeing but also our productivity? 

When you take something seriously, you raise the stakes. When you raise the stakes, there is increased pressure to “get it right”. There is great value in honoring the gravity of a serious situation. The importance of respecting and acknowledging this value is more apparent than ever, considering the state of the world. However, when we take ourselves and our everyday problems so seriously, we do more harm than good and we pay the price in the limitations of our productivity. 

If we make every little move so serious and such a big deal, the need to get it perfect will paralyze us from ever doing anything at all. And in order to deliver results, you must take action. 

The weight of taking ourselves too seriously will drain us until we have nothing left to give.

We have all heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Keeping things fun is one of the most efficient and effective ways to keep our cups full. 

How you have fun is unique to you and your team. Whether it’s bringing more humor to the challenges you face in business with your team, or simply unwinding after a long day by watching something that literally makes you laugh out loud, having fun pays off. 

So as we navigate this challenging time, I invite you to honor and respect the gravity of it all. I also invite you to keep things fun. Not only will you accomplish more and increase your productivity, you’ll enjoy the day-to-day more in the process. This life is meant to be enjoyed with the people we love and increasing our productivity through having fun helps us to do so. 

Caitlyn Rose

Fundamental of the Week #10: KEEP THINGS FUN The problems that face us day to day at work are small compared to the challenges facing most of the world.  Keep your perspective and don’t take things personally or yourself too seriously.  Laugh every day with others.

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