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I love that this Fundamental “Fix Problems at the Source” follows the Fundamental “Practice Blameless Problem Solving”. We first have to acknowledge there is a problem and then focus on the solution. If we skip the blame part, we get right to the heart of finding a resolution.

“The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it. This literally turns a failure into a success.”Stephen R. Covey

How do we choose to learn from it? In many cases, we will choose to handle the symptoms or the consequences of the problem because that is where we feel the immediate impact. We do not like feeling uncomfortable, so the sooner we “fix” the discomfort, the quicker the relief. This is true… however, we quickly forget that the source of the problem hasn’t been resolved, and we will predictably have to deal with the issue again.

This brings me to the global situation we find ourselves in today with the Coronavirus, also called COVID-19. There are many layers to this problem. First, we have to take care of the people that have it. Second, we have to find a way to keep it from continuing to spread. And third, and most importantly, we need to find a cure for this virus. This is by far the biggest priority and it will take time to resolve. The best we can do in the meantime is focus on the first two solutions.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge all the healthcare givers that put themselves in the path of this virus when caring for people who have COVID-19. Without their care, I would imagine more people would die. Hopefully, we have more people recovering because of this care. They are doing their best to handle this situation by assisting individuals with the impact the virus is having on their bodies.

The second issue on which to focus is reducing the spread of the virus. I have never experienced multiple countries closing their borders and putting people in quarantine at this level. This is a major decision that is having global impact on not just people, but the financial stability of the world.

Is this overkill? I don’t know if we will ever know that, but we have leaders making very hard and sometimes unpopular decisions. These decisions are coming from solving the spread from the source. We can’t continue to spread it if we are not traveling.

So now what? We can continue to support the scientists and researchers to find a cure. We can also be good citizens by helping others that are impacted in more dramatic ways. While I don’t have the knowledge to find a cure myself, I can certainly look for ways to help others.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”Albert Einstein

It seems like there is a connection that is being made around the world. This isn’t an Asian or European issue. This is a global issue. As divided as the world feels in recent years, we are all experiencing a virus that is a human issue. The opportunity lies in solving an issue for all the human beings on this planet.

If that doesn’t get down to the source of what’s important, I don’t know what does.

Sending powerful thoughts for everyone’s health and well-being!

Martha Lynn

Fundamental of the Week #19: FIX PROBLEMS AT THE SOURCE. Address issues by discovering the root cause rather than focusing on the symptoms or the consequences. Continuously seek improvement by developing long-term solutions.

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