Fix Problems at the Source | Fundamental #19

Welcome to Momentum Consulting’s fundamental of the week.

When we consult and coach our clients they want results. Results that will last.

If we just gave tips and techniques to simply put a Band-Aid on issues, we wouldn’t do much for an organization’s culture.

There are usually layers and layers that cover the root cause, and to get there we ask questions.

We dig and we dig to peel back the layers so we can uncover the source of what is truly going on.

This is a challenge for our clients, as working with any good coach should be.

To further escalate the challenge, the source of the problem will often be the client themselves.

This is good news!

Yes, this is good news, because as humans when we understand that we are the source of the breakdown we don’t have to rely on anyone else to make an adjustment.

The person to align with is right there where we are. Always!

A great example of this was a banking client I once had.

He was new to his branch manager position and was having trouble influencing his staff.

He found it particularly difficult because he had been an individual contributor to the same team and was now their boss. He was not winning in his new role.

His complaint was that he was suffering because his staff wasn’t respecting his new position and wasn’t taking his direction.

When he understood that the source of his breakdown was himself and not his staff, he immediately regained his power.

He connected with his team as their leader, not just as their manager and definitely not as their former colleague. His team shifted immediately and got aligned behind his leadership.

One outlier refused to comply and quickly found his way to another bank, which also solved a personnel issue with the same stroke.

At times fixing problems at the source may sound like a clear and easy set of steps to follow, but as evidenced by this story it may require more self-awareness and responsibility than complex thinking.

In this case, it was all about my client having the courage to take on the accountability of ownership on a higher level in order to earn, rather than expect, respect and trust from his staff.
Where are you the source of the results in your job?

We’d love to hear from you.




Fundamental #19 | Fix Problems at the Source

Address issues by discovering the root cause rather than focusing on the symptoms or the consequences.  Continuously seek improvement by developing long-term solutions.


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