Finding Honor in the Present Moment

On most days, usually during a walk, a swim at Barton Springs, or after  a morning meditation, I’ll have a brief moment of being overwhelmingly present to the gift it is just to be here. I look down at my hands, that are starting to look more and more like my mom’s hands, and I wonder,

how did I even get here? Wow, I GET to do this. To be here, in this space in time. And I get to live this life, as fully and completely as I so choose, each day.”

And then, in my efforts to be reliable and deliver on all my commitments, I get back to my desk and back in my “to-do-list-mode,” and I forget that moment of Gratitude.

Then, when I am in coaching sessions with my awesome clients, I remember again: What an honor it is, just to be here… that I get to do what I do for a living.  And pretty much each day goes like this – back and forth, remembering and forgetting, and remembering and forgetting. So, one of my biggest questions is,

How can I bring gratitude and this sense of honor to my day to day tasks?”

When I was taking care of my beautiful mom towards the end of her life, I would take her to doctor appointments, pick up groceries, pay her bills, etc. She would always thank me for being there for her. We had a cute little saying between us.

I would say, “Momma, I GET to, I don’t GOT to.” It always made us laugh. No matter how hard things got for her, even in the end, I would repeat this to her over and over again, and we would laugh some more.

I realize now that my being there for her was really for me. Serving others is a gift that goes 360. Ultimately, it is a gift we give ourselves. And that is one way I focus on staying present to the blessing of being in service to others.

HONOR : to live up to or fulfill the terms of (honor a commitment).  Merriam-Webster Definition

Another good daily question is, “how am I doing at living up to and fulfilling the terms of honoring the commitments I’ve made to myself?”  Usually these are made while I’m still lying in the bed in the morning. This is a very good reason to hire a coach to hold me accountable…which I have done. Carrie at CarrieFit, knows this job is not easy! And yet, she is there to hold me accountable for building back the strength in my physical core. 

Speaking of “core,” a great deal of the commitments we all make, whether to others or to ourselves, are fueled by our Core Values. Please join us the morning of February 14th, if you can, for our Momentum Consulting 2020 Leadership Summit: Getting to the Heart of Performance, where we will explore how much of our behavior is knowingly and sometimes unknowingly driven by our Core Values.    

All my best,


FOW #11 HONOR COMMITMENTS. Be reliable and deliver on all your commitments, no matter how small. If a commitment is in jeopardy, notify others immediately and set a new commitment.

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