February 2018 Newsletter

Great companies have a culture by design

Since we formed Momentum Consulting, over 25 years ago, our focus has been on performance and bringing breakthrough or transformational solutions that effect performance to ourselves and our clients. We realized early on that performance is a function of behavior, working with organizations we quickly discovered behavior is driven by Culture. It’s a pretty simple formula, if performance is a function of behavior and behavior is strongly influenced by Culture, then if you want to impact performance in a meaningful and sustainable way, you need to address Culture. In our process to building a High Performing Culture, we offer the tools and a simple way to do that.

Featured this month is the educational seminar we recently produced on what it takes to build performance into a Culture in a sustainable way. We covered the eight aspects to building a High Performing Culture and the roadmap on how to apply them for the 70+ participants, representing a cross section of businesses. The common denominator in the people attending was a recognition that Culture matters and a desire to affect it. If you were there, thank you for bringing your talents to the conversation. If you missed it, we missed you, and if you want to know more, call us.