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A Momentum Consulting Spotlight on: Texas Association of Counties

Image Credit: Mark Matson, Austin American Statesman

Change comes within an organization when they live their fundamentals. Texas Association of Counties is the example of this, living and breathing their fundamental values from the top to the bottom of the organization in every aspect of their service.

This is one reason The Texas Association of Counties has been recognized by Austin American Statesman as the #1 Mid-Sized Employer in greater Austin.

When Momentum Consulting works with an organization on accelerating their performance, we often take the executive team to an offsite meeting, and there we spend a couple of days uncovering blind spots within the organization, and developing fundamentals to become the central focal points in how their organization will be operated from every level.

From our first offsite meeting with the executive team from the Texas Association of Counties, we could see that they took the process to heart immediately. They quickly developed a set of fundamentals that their organization adopted, and then rolled out the process to their entire organization.

The fabric of Texas Association of Counties is their fundamentals, twenty-five standards that each member uses to determine the direction of their work. Number seventeen, “LEAD BY EXAMPLE,” is a fundamental that places each person in a role as a leader. Knowing that each person leads by example gives each member a sense of accountability, all the way to the security department.

Every member, including Walt and Gerald from the security team, are involved in the rollout to weave the fundamentals into the fabric of every corner of the organization.

Those are the things we live by,” says Kelly Flores in an article on MSN Money, highlighting the association’s reputation for a great place to work.

I believe in the mission of TAC and I believe in local government,” said Haley Click, education and events services manager for the association. “Our members are the salt of the earth. They are so eager to serve it makes you want to help them.”

Texas Association of Counties is showing how work becomes an opportunity to do good. Believing in what they do makes the whole system work.

How they pull together internally as a service- driven organization is what is allowing them to make such a difference during this challenging time for the hard-working counties throughout the state of Texas.

Congratulations to our friends at Texas Association of Counties on being the #1 mid sized employee in greater Austin. We are proud of the work you are doing!


Fundamental of the Week #21: LEAD BY EXAMPLE  The best way to influence others is “being the change you want to see.” Bring a calming presence. Help others to shine. 

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