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Practice Recovery – FOW #23

When mistakes or errors in judgment happen, “own it.” Take the necessary steps to communicate to the appropriate parties, acknowledge your accountability, and set corrective steps in motion. “Get back in the game” quickly. What a coincidence that everyone seems to be talking about this week’s fundamental, “practice recovery” as […]

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Demonstrate Urgency in Response Time & Follow Up – FOW #22

Man checking his watch to check urgency and stay on time

Model enthusiasm in your response to issues and rigor in your follow up.  Make sure your work is accurate, complete, and timely. Keep people updated, and make sure they are clear about your communication(s). I can see at least three major benefits to practicing this fundamental: It makes a difference […]

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Join us February 2nd, 2018

We would love for you to join us for a 3-hour complimentary, educational program on The 8 Steps to Building a High Performing Culture in your organization. Breakfast and parking will be included. DISCOVER HOW WORLD-CLASS COMPANIES DRIVE EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS BY CREATING EXTRAORDINARY CULTURES. High performing cultures don’t just happen by chance, they […]

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November 2017 Monthly Newsletter

(Image above from the October 2017 High Performing Culture Summit on Amelia Island) NOTE DATE CHANGE The morning of February 2nd, 2018 in Austin, Texas,  we will be presenting a three hour educational program on: The 8 Critical Steps of How to Build a High Performing Culture SAVE THE DATE

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Fundamental of the Week #1: Act with Integrity

Demonstrate doing the right thing in all your actions and all your decisions, especially when no one is looking. Always tell the truth. Acknowledge and own your mistakes, clean them up and make appropriate corrections. Integrity is the foundation of everything and what makes things work. From a business perspective, […]

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