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We at Momentum Consulting are in the business of helping businesses accelerate and perform through executive and team training in leadership and high performance. We lead by example, utilizing our 26 Organizational Fundamentals in how we operate business. We can help your business uncover your organizational fundamentals and work on your impact in business, the community, and the world..

When you buy a product or a service, do you ever consider the business’s impact on the community at large?

And, in direct opposition, do you consider not making a purchase if you question a business’s social footprint?

How has that impacted how you do business? Are you considering your social impact?

With the socially conscious movements of today, and elevated by today’s global marketplace and connectivity, consumers are taking a closer and closer look at business ethics.

And, as businesses are now serving and partnering with other businesses, alignment on social movements is a big part of the conversation in business deals.

Consider these 2020 statistics on issues that matter to the common consumer and common worker’s life right now.

These are not small numbers. On average, 60-80% of people surveyed care deeply about one or more social issue, and they want their pocketbook and their business relationships to reflect that.

In the workforce, 88% of people now say they want to work for a company that is doing good in the world. Employees are no longer turning a blind eye to issues such as inequality or pollution.

Think of socially conscious companies and brilliant ideas that are changing business and the world while being incredibly profitable, like eyeglass company Warby Parker.

Great service: You can right now get 5 different frames to try from home for free, and get your glasses personalized to the frames you want.

Giving back: Warby Parker gives a pair of eyeglasses to a person in need for every single pair of eyeglasses sold.

Do you mind the cost of helping someone else through the purchase of a great pair of glasses with great customer service? Of course not! Everyone wins and everyone can feel good about the impact this business is making on the world at large.

Or let’s look at socially conscious company Patagonia. When you click over to the Patagonia website, the first thing you see is a statement about voting for people who are willing to stand up for what is in accordance with their business ethics viewpoint.

You have to actually scroll down to see their fabulously rugged outdoor wear. When someone does business with Patagonia, they are saying in effect that they agree with Patagonia’s socially conscious stance and they are proud of it. There are plenty of other companies to shop with, but a Patagonia shopper will go there for the experience of feeling like their dollar is going to a company that cares.

Who do you look to as an example of this level of awareness of impact?

Look around your office. Are you selective when it comes to your purchases? Business partnerships?

And what could you do today that would shift your company’s impact on the world? Would it be to stand up for something that needs a voice? Would it be to donate product, or funding something related to your offer?

I would love to hear about your projects and how you are making an impact. And if you feel like you want to shift or do more in this world that needs change makers, make an appointment today with a consultant that can help you define what that looks like.


Fundamental of the Week #26: CONTINUOUSLY SEEK TO IMPROVE THE IMPACT WE MAKE Always seek a breakthrough approach.  Our job is to improve the lives and work of the people we serve. This path takes planning, diligence, and thoughtfulness.

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