Brett Morris

Senior Management Consultant

Brett’s Core Values are:

Fairness, Accountability, Authenticity, Respect


Brett Morris is a dynamic listener who recognizes that prosperity is possible for everyone. He has years of experience in team management, communication, and performance improvement, and has coached hundreds of people across the country.

Brett has worked directly with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and educators to solve problems in career transition, customer service, and employee turnover. Brett finds pathways to success where most people don’t look — in their obstacles. Somewhere along the way, an obstacle arises that is usually ignored, resisted, or completely unseen. Gifted with an ability to listen to people’s deepest concerns, Brett will discuss difficult and contentious issues in a workable way. This inspires and empowers people to transform obstacles into opportunities, making powerful changes not just in their business, but in their personal lives as well, resulting in freedom from longstanding constraints.

As a teacher, an actor and a former business owner, he has traveled worldwide studying human beings from culture to culture. Recognizing that people are often dissatisfied when failing to reach their potential, Brett works to unlock their hidden talents and cultivate them into actual results. This renewed freedom allows individuals and organizations to reach unprecedented levels of success. Brett’s coaching helps his clients achieve their unrealized potential as their accomplishments multiply.

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Our Clients Say It All

See what past clients have to say about working with us!

When I began working with Brett in 2008 I had a lofty goal to triple my income in 6 months. By way of our weekly coaching calls I began to notice certain aspects of my communication and listening that were adversely affecting my business without me even knowing it. As a result these discoveries helped my income triple in 5 months. Furthermore, during that period Brett recognized a single customer service issue involving a client who had discontinued an order with my company. I had overlooked the situation, but with Brett’s coaching I had one brief conversation with the client, restored the relationship and put $5,000 of profit in my pocket. The return on my investment is undeniable, and I continue to hold Brett as a valuable resource in the way I conduct myself as a business owner.

Christian Okonsky: CEO, KLD Energy Technologies

Working with Brett Morris has been an awesome experience. Having a business partner who is also a co-parent and domestic partner presents some challenges. I had been stuck for years in a dance of working around and working against my partner in both the office and home arenas. With Brett’s coaching I have a new experience of being related. Brett has an amazing ability to stay present – to really listen. Rather than getting caught up in the content he is able to skillfully aim a mirror that shows how I am being in the situation. Brett brings to the session a blank slate from which to listen, respond and create. When we began working together my business was at 100% employee turnover. The cost in time and money to hire and train new employees was overwhelming. Working with Brett I saw how my staff had little access to what they needed. Structures were put in to facilitate their performance, and within 7 months employee turnover was effectively at 0%. This was all done simply by giving them what they needed to win, and it was a no extra cost to me, the business owner. That year my company had its highest earnings to date.

CEO, Benefit Systems

As an owner/operator of a small business I hired Brett Morris, to help me gain clarity on certain internal issues at my company.The biggest of which included a less than satisfactory relationship between my VP and myself. I was at a crossroads, and, the impact was keeping me from making some big decisions. I’m happy to say that with Brett’s coaching, business is as strong as ever and I’m confident with the choices I’ve made. The sniping in the office is gone, and my experience at work seems to be problem-free.
Thank you Brett!

Randy Nielson: Acme Tuckpointing & Restoration

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