If you want to be happy, be

October 30, 2014

I signed up to do a blog post on our website. As I was trying to decide what to write about, I happened to pull out my new notebook and on the cover it says:

“if you want to be happy, be.” Tolstoy

So going back to March of this year, I was looking for a new job. And I applied for a lot of jobs. And I wondered how many other people were applying for the same jobs based on the statistics of how many people are moving to Austin daily (FYI: net people is 110). I read the “best places to work in Austin,” and apply at those places. I look on Monster, Craigslist, the Statesman, LinkedIn. I ask friends, etc. Then I get a call from Marlene about a job at Momentum. And we setup a meeting. I look at their company website to get more info, and I think “is this for real?” And I go in for my interview, and they are looking for someone with my exact qualifications. And I actually ask them in the interview if they are who they say they are (people who work things out, don’t hold grudges, no passive aggressive bs that I have experienced in other work places). When their answer is affirmative, I am hopeful they are truthful. A few days later, they call and offer me the job, and I accept.

Forward to today: These folks are the real deal. No one is perfect, but everyone here ALWAYS works to facilitate open dialog and feedback. After being here a few months, I did some training with Landmark Education to have a common experience with the rest of the people at Momentum. At the training,I learned the nature of breakthrough and transformation. And about living the experience instead of making up stories that block us. Transformation is the platform for all of the work Momentum does with their clients. Which leads me back to my Tolstoy quote.

I be happy!

Julie Ziegelman, Director of Operations

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