Be Dedicated to Personal Growth | FOW #17

Be a lifetime learner.  Challenge yourself to take risks and operate outside of your comfort zone.  Solicit feedback and learn from mistakes. Understand the nature of causing breakthroughs and live it as a discipline.  Believe in Magic.

I have a core value of stability. What does that mean? I look for routine, consistency, familiarity, and most importantly, COMFORT! I like knowing what’s happening and where I’m going.

There are great advantages to this drive. I’m incredibly organized and I’m able to manage multiple tasks, however; if anything unexpected happens, I have a hard time redirecting myself. I spend more energy on trying to get back to the plan, than recognizing a nudge in a different direction and following that flow.

This resistance has led me to some of the greatest learnings of my life. I’ve found that if I’m unwilling to consider another way or execute a new idea that it will be thrust upon me one way or the other. The more I resist the greater the unavoidable lesson.  So, my comfort-loving self now recognizes the path to comfort is to be willing to be uncomfortable. The reward on the other side is worth it!

We are on planet Earth to learn! We cannot learn without discomfort. Being uncomfortable changes our neuro-pathways.  Forbes magazine writes,

“Putting yourself in new and unfamiliar situations triggers a unique part of the brain that releases dopamine, nature’s make-you-happy chemical. Here’s the mind-blower; that unique region of the brain is only activated when you see or experience completely new things.”

So, there are multiple benefits to being committed to the path of learning.

  1. Improve your performance
  2. Access your creativity
  3. Become more valuable
  4. Build confidence
  5. Experience joy

The challenge is finding the courage to be uncomfortable. We are survivors and I now use the multiple examples of working my way through as the motivation to push through.

 “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.”

-Mark Zuckerberg

Here’s a challenge for you: Choose to do one thing this week that feels uncomfortable. Don’t just think about it, do it! What was the experience? How do you feel? What did you learn? Comment below and let me know! I’ll choose too!

Forever growing,

Martha Lynn

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