Assuming positive intent to benefit yourself.

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We at Momentum Consulting are in the business of helping businesses accelerate and perform through executive and team training in leadership and high performance. We lead by example, utilizing our 26 Organizational Fundamentals in how we operate business. We can help your business uncover your organizational fundamentals and practice assuming positive intent as a team.

Assuming positive intent of others is less about them and more about you creating the reality you desire. 

“Reality is merely a perception albeit a very persistent one” 

Our assumptions shape our perceptions, and our perception shapes our reality. Therefore, if you assume positive intent, you create a positive reality. 

Most of us have positive intentions in the actions we carry out. However, we all experience breakdowns in communication, which can create a negative impact on others and ourselves.

When we can take a step back and assume positive intent, it allows us to get straight down the path of solution-based searching, and saves time that would normally be spent in blaming the assumed negative intentions of the other party. 

The only experience you will ever truly have access to is your own experience, and it is 100% up to you to create that experience. 

An important distinction here is that while most of us always have positive intentions, the breakdowns and negative impact still weigh the same. That’s where the other fundamentals come into play, such as Fundamental #9: Communicate to be understood.

When we all assume positive intent of others and then take accountability in our own communication when a breakdown occurs, solutions come faster, and we can all work together to create a more positive reality for the world.

Caitlyn Rose

Fundamental of the Week #24: ASSUME POSITIVE INTENT. Work from the assumption that people are good, fair, and honest. Set aside your own judgments or preconceived notions, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Look for the positive intent in their actions and communications.

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