Momentum Consulting Annual Leadership Summit 2020: Getting to the Heart of Performance

Looking Forward

Leadership Summit 2021: The Economics of Decency, February, 2021. Stay tuned for Details!

Review: Summit 2020: Austin, Texas

Did you attend the 2020 Leadership Summit, Getting to the Heart of Performance? Participants went through the Core Values Exercise with the Momentum Consultants and related the findings to how to encourage engagement at work.

What People are Saying...

``It gave me deeper understanding of how to work together with team members who have opposing core values.`` - Melissa

``I loved this training. it opened my eyes to think differently around conflict at work, home and others in general. This implementation can help grow a stronger team.`` - Natalie

``It gave me different perspectives on core values, how they impact your life, how to manage differences in core values without being a victim, and an inspiration to learn core values of those that are close to me.`` - Chris

2019 Summit

Accelerating Performance through Accountability and Engagement
A Discussion on Listening and taking Accountability

2018 Summit:

Transform Your Culture, Accelerate Your Performance
A discussion on creating culture through ritual and practice.

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