Momentum Consulting Annual Leadership Summit: Accelerating Performance through a Culture of Accountability and Engagement

Looking Back

Momentum Leadership Summit 2019 Takeaways:

'Performance is a function of behavior, behavior is a function of mindset.'
'Listening with curiosity helps with unveiling blindspots.'
'I am in control of my perspective. I can be more accountable. I can change my environment by changing my reality.'
'Better ways to operate as a top leader & performer in my company.'

Be accountable is the hallmark of a strong leader

Plan Ahead: Summit 2020: Austin, Texas

In depth focus on:
-Developing ownership & accountability in your organization
-Examining how perception equals reality/default listening
-Increasing engagement and trust by expanding your own awareness

Presented by: Craig Clark, Tracey Nelson, Brett Morris, Martha Lynn Mangum & Marlene Clark

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