Always serve the customer | FOW #7

Remember our founding principle “we work in partnership,” always! In all situations do what’s best for the customer, even if it’s to our own detriment.

I have a friend, Seth who’s a home inspector, and he seems to have a great answer to every little question I have about the 30-year-old Florida home we just bought. Every call or text is returned with thoughtful answers that assist me in my honey-do list.

He’s also helped teach me how to install an electrical outlet and even a ceiling fan. “I love installing ceiling fans!”, he said.

In further conversations, he tells me he’s a Buddhist, at which point I really unload the questions on him.

As usual, he patiently and gleefully answers every one, and it turns out he has a big commitment to serving others as part of his Buddhist practice. He says, “I find joy in helping friends in need, Brett. And you’re my neediest friend!”

How lucky for the both of us!

My experience of him is that his commitment also makes him a trustworthy home inspector, and how I picture he goes about his profession immediately relates to this week’s fundamental.

While the word, “detriment” is there to highlight a willingness to surrender our needs for our customers’, I think of how my friend Seth happily goes about the opportunity to serve customers or friends, and it’s never to his own detriment.

It’s quite the opposite, as he has fun.

This week’s fundamental encourages us to switch our focus from the survival mode of “finding more” to giving more away. It’s not necessarily for free or charity, as it always comes back to us multiplied, but even that’s not the lesson to walk away with.

There’s a freedom and enlightened satisfaction in building partnership with our clients that’s so much richer than the nickels and dimes.

Ok, consistent with the nature of this post I think it best to end with a little Buddhist humor.

Q: How does the Buddhist order his tofu dog?

A: “Make me one with everything.”

Q: Why did the Buddhist decline novocaine at the dentist’s office?

A: He wanted to transcend dental medication. 

Namaste y’all.


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