Always Do Your Best | FOW # 5

It’s essential that we always do our very best. If there is ever a question about quality, go back, stay at it until the question is removed.

I’m aging myself by saying this, but they just don’t make things the way they used to.  I used to hear my dad say this all the time and I would roll my eyes.

I wonder if it’s true for me now because my expectations have become higher over time?

We value convenience and instant gratification over quality. Yet, when it comes to service we expect the very best quality and will get frustrated when we don’t get it.

What’s the issue?

It’s our relationship with time. Our culture celebrates and honors people who have multiple talents, accolades, and experiences. How can we possibly get good at any one thing when we are jamming our days, weeks, and years with more than we can really handle?

It becomes a debate on what’s more important…get many things done and compromise the outcome, or do fewer things with great care and quality.

Another friend had a saying that has always stuck with me.

Quality remains long after price is forgotten.”

I love this quote because it speaks to the idea that cutting cost and corners won’t necessarily provide long-lasting satisfaction.

We can certainly get a great deal or bargain on a product. However, how long will it last and will we ultimately spend more time and energy replacing it? Price can also speak to the price of time and energy we place in everything we do.

When we really put time and thought into anything we do it’s long lasting and rewarding. This goes for products, projects, and even more importantly, relationships.

People stick with a product, service, or company because it provides value. Without a dedication to quality, we won’t be able to give people that value.

Providing quality is simple…it takes a commitment to slow down, give people that extra time, and give the thing you’re doing a little more attention. It will actually reward you with more time in the end and a rich experience of satisfaction!

Pay attention over the next week and notice if you’re able to take the extra time to do your VERY BEST!


Martha Lynn

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