Always Do Your Best | Fundamental #5

A serene, empty meeting room, a common space for a leader to set the example for their team of expected behavior.

During our Momentum Consulting team meetings, there’s a sort of on-going joke about my level of engagement. Let’s just say I tend to get excited.

I had knee surgery last week and so this past Monday I announced that “I would only speak if spoken to” – since I wasn’t feeling so chipper. Of course, everyone laughed because we knew that wouldn’t last long…which it didn’t.

Maybe, being the youngest of four has trained me to make the most noise to get attention, who knows.

As we dive deeper into human behaviors and executive leadership development, I’ve started playing with the idea of how I define always doing my best.  The default formula has been:

  • Work the hardest
  • Give it everything I have
  • Go the extra distance
  • Lean in and speak up

These core drivers will forever be a part of who I am – and I’ve come to terms with them.

Along with taking accountability for my natural expression, I can choose to expand myself in other ways of being that seem quite opposite.  I’ve noticed that when I:

  • Let go of control
  • Allow others to figure it out
  • Give others a chance to speak up
  • And listen generously

…I am then BEING my best as a leader.

It’s no longer about me, about my personality or leadership characteristics, my new focus is on those I care about impacting: our clients, our team, our family and friends.

It’s about these folks and how their lives are going, how they experience doing and being their best.  Now that’s the kind of company culture worth creating.

Would you like to join us?

All my best – always,


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