Accountability: in Breakdown and Breakthrough

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Holding ourselves and others accountable for breakdowns that occur has become a very well known practice in relationships. This accountability for breakdowns is one of the most important foundations for how we relate in business and our personal lives.

Recently, I have noticed one area of accountability that is lacking in the world. And that is holding ourselves and others accountable for the positive impact we create. While there is great value in being accountable for breakdowns, I believe that it is even more important to give credit for what is working. So here is my invitation to you…

Be accountable for the impact you have on others. Including the positive ones.

As well as: Hold others accountable for the impact they have on you. Including the positive ones. 

Not only is focusing on what’s working effective in boosting confidence and uplifting morale in and out of the workplace, it is also one of the fastest ways to increase productivity and performance. Where our focus goes energy flows! Putting more focus and attention on what’s working in our interactions and impact will increase the amount of them that occur.

When we consistently water the garden of a relationship with love and acknowledgment, it becomes less painful to “pull out the weeds,” (ie. clean-ups) when needed.

This has been a huge gift and a teacher for myself in relationships recently.

The biggest similarity between all of the people I spend most of my time with is our commitment to acknowledging and uplifting one another in an authentic way. We put such an emphasis on where each of us are showing up in greatness that when there’s an opportunity to be held accountable for a breakdown, the person being held to account receives it without feeling personally attacked.

The efficiency in the clean ups continues to pleasantly surprise me and remind me why a devotion to acknowledging ourselves and others for our positive impact is vital. 

Let’s make 2021 a year of putting more attention on where we are already showing up great. Let’s allow leadership from the heart to create more integrated, loving, and productive relationships for ourselves and the world.

Caitlyn Rose

Fundamental #12: BE ACCOUNTABLE   Act like you are an owner in the company. Ownership accountability means holding yourself to account, holding others to account, and the willingness to be held to account. 

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