A Feeling of Safety in the Office

You Do your Best Work when you Feel Safe” – Julianna Margulies

Recently, we had the opportunity to take a leadership team offsite for two and a half days. Our job was to guide them in creating an environment where it was safe for them to speak up. Their new leader had a solid commitment to break down the barriers and silos that had formed under previous leadership.

At some point on the morning of day two, the feeling of safety became palpable in the room.  A real and new level of depth in the conversation started to happen and then highly valuable information began to be exchanged. 

They were able to put things on the table and own up to the impacts they had unknowingly had on each other.  They started to realize what this had cost them in their productivity with each other and within their teams. They admitted how emotionally drained and exhausted they had become.

And then, an authentic dialogue took place, which led to identifying key factors and initiatives that were not being fulfilled. They became genuinely excited about how they could lead accountability throughout the organization – at all levels.

This organization is now currently engaged in creating a new culture by design, versus the one they had inherited by default. 

What made that possible was a safe environment to talk about where it had not been safe, at all, up to that point.  It takes courage, conviction, and true commitment from leadership.  And it is very possible, and not all that complicated, once you choose to no longer tolerate a toxic environment.

The leadership team recently identified the fundamental behaviors they’re committed to living up to each day, and to expect from themselves, their teams, their client members, and with their families. We’ve partnered with them to roll this plan out to the entire organization. There has been a unanimous and enthusiastic response to this newly designed way of interacting with each other. There’s a relief people feel, knowing they have the safety to be themselves, contribute and to speak up.

Do you encourage those around you to speak up? 

And when they do, do you listen to what they have to say? How are you doing at creating a safe place where it’s not only okay, it’s required for people to voice their valid concerns, especially when it comes to the safety for themselves and others.

You never know what might get created by doing this.

We want to share with you some techniques we find are changing the course of business as we know it. Our discussion on “Getting to the Heart of Performance” is our topic at the Third Annual Leadership Summit, happening on February 14 in Austin, Texas. Entry is Free. We would love for you to invite someone to come with you as well, so please send this email or the invitation link to your business partners or teams. This work is what helps people create and sustain momentum and acceleration in team performance, and we would love to see you there.

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Fundamental of the Week #6:  CREATE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT Safety requires accountability, awareness and diligence.  Never take shortcuts that compromise yours or others’ safety.  Performance thrives in a safe environment.

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