Team Consulting Boosts Performance

Your organization’s growth depends on your people. The best strategies in the world mean nothing if they’re implemented half-heartedly. Most employees can do their jobs with about 60% effort. The other 40% – their discretionary effort – is something they can grant or withhold depending on their level of engagement or resignation.

Our process helps you foster a collaborative culture of ownership and accountable communication so you can overcome apathy and earn the benefit of that discretionary effort.

Let us help you create the kind of place where people want to work.Our team consulting offerings focus on cultural development and organizational alignment. However, we can tailor our unique approach to meet your additional needs.

Your Team’s Path to Breakthrough

Step 1: Explore the Issues
Identify your organization’s blind spots. What is holding you back?

Step 2: Discover Perceptions
Gain perspective by exploring different views of the issues. What does your team think is going on?

Step 3: Reveal Limiting Patterns
Target the beliefs and behaviors that limit the organization’s ability to move forward and create a plan to change them. What can you change to achieve the results you want and how do you change it?

Step 4: Apply to Real Business Challenges
Begin implementing your plan to change your limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Step 5: Maintain Accountability
As you continue to work your plan, maintain accountability with your coach.

Step 6: Accelerate Breakthrough Performance

Cultural Overhaul

Company culture is what makes your business a place where people want to work rather than a place they want to escape. Our Cultural Overhaul helps you put in place accountable communication and honest feedback practices up and down your chain of command.

Consistent leadership development can transform a good performer into a rock star. The staff you most want to keep – the successful leaders, managers and employees – are hungry for frank, constructive feedback on how to enhance their strengths and modify their weaknesses. Even the most seasoned professionals have benefitted from our training.

Your employees are the ones who will make or break you. Invest in them, and they’ll invest in you.

Organizational Alignment

Your organization’s growth depends on the clarity of your objectives and how invested your employees are in achieving them. When your employees back your company, they become more than just employees – they become partners committed to your company’s success.

Creating that kind of organizational alignment begins at the top, with accountable communication and clear targets. From there, we work to create aligned objectives and priorities throughout the organization. When the whole organization is aligned to a shared purpose and committed to accountable communication, the resulting synergy takes your business to new heights.

We Get Results

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