Meet the Team

We’re proud of our team of experienced consultants. Combining compassion, candor and respect for the dignity of each person, our consultants are committed to helping clients reach their full potential.


Marlene Clark

helps executives find the best in themselves. As a highly-trained, experienced business consultant, she is laser-focused on getting to the core of an issue and helping to find solutions. The result is long-term success for the individual and the organization. Marlene knows how to listen, and she’s not afraid to ask the tough questions. She knows that success comes from doing the hard work to uncover and deal with the blind spots within a company’s culture.

Marlene shines within organizations, working with their leaders either through a program or in one-on-one coaching. C-level executives are at the top of the chain, and that’s often an isolated place. Marlene works with highly talented and successful executives who want perceptive feedback to accelerate their performance. She looks past the title and into the person, giving them the support they need to grow.

Marlene offers something many consultants strive for – tangible value and 100% accountability for leaders and their teams. She looks at limitations and helps turn those into opportunities. She is a positive change agent, who believes that everyone can have fulfillment and top performance if they do the work.

With a major in sociology, Marlene received her formal education from Texas State University. She moved on to become a personal trainer and tri-athlete. She has participated in hundreds of hours of professional industry specific education.

Her consulting and coaching practice has developed over the past 20 years to include an impressive client roster that includes top CEOs and presidents of corporations in the U.S. and Canada. As president of Momentum Consulting, Marlene leads the teams for both the individual and business consulting areas.

Marlene’s Core Values are: Fairness, Partnership and Honesty

Craig Clark 

specializes in people. He has spent the past 30 years becoming a foremost expert on the science of human dynamics in the business world. But he is not a theorist; he is a practical change agent who goes inside organizations to drive and positively affect performance by developing and helping to implement successful strategies.

Craig believes that dignity and respect are the birthrights of every individual. His work with people and organizations is designed to honor that conviction. He also believes that every client is entitled to a real and measurable return on the resources they expend with business consultants. Those two ideals work in partnership and are the foundation for the past and future success of Momentum.

After years as an individual consultant, Craig turned to corporate consulting, recognizing that any significant world change could occur only at an organizational level. He has since spent years developing a transformational approach to solving organizational problems with successful strategies in a variety of cultures, countries and languages.

Craig’s résumé proves that techniques for improving human communications are not bound by oceans or languages. He has applied his skills across diverse groups and cultures – from Moscow to South America, from the United Kingdom to Australia, including an 18-month off-site project in Indonesia.

As founder and CEO, Craig oversees operations both in the U.S. and abroad. He is focused on growing Momentum’s corporate discipline and leading teams in multi-day breakthrough programs that generate long-term, measurable results.

Craig’s Core Values are: Dignity, Spirit and Loyalty


Martha Lynn Mangum is a skilled listener who knows how to put her clients into action. By making herself accountable for their success, she forges a partnership with them that delivers the kinds of outcomes clients need from an executive coach.

Martha Lynn believes that true success in coaching means valuing and appreciating both the similarities and differences between people. Serving clients as diverse as top CEOs and small business owners, she develops a customized approach for each based on that person’s unique needs. Then, she holds them – and herself – accountable for putting the plan into action. The results are extraordinary.

Martha Lynn trains others well because she’s been well trained. She holds a B.A. in Applied Learning and Development from UT Austin and a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Over the past 15 years, Martha Lynn has put her training to work leading organizational workshops and spearheading community projects.

At Momentum, Martha Lynn helps lead the Austin-based executive consulting division and handles multiple individual clients. She also leads programs for Momentum corporate clients across the country.

Martha Lynn’s Core Values are: Connection, Trust and Respect



Brett Morris is a dynamic listener who recognizes that prosperity is possible for everyone. He has years of experience in team management, communication, and performance improvement, and has coached hundreds of people across the country. Brett has worked directly with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and educators to solve problems in career transition, customer service, and employee turnover.

Brett finds pathways to success where most people don’t look — in their obstacles. Somewhere along the way, an obstacle arises that is usually ignored, resisted, or completely unseen. Gifted with an ability to listen for people’s deepest concerns, Brett will discuss difficult and contentious issues in a workable way. This inspires and empowers people to transform obstacles into opportunities, making powerful changes not just in their business, but in their personal lives as well, resulting in freedom from longstanding constraints.

As a teacher, an actor and a former business owner, he has traveled worldwide studying human beings from culture to culture. Recognizing that people are often dissatisfied when failing to reach their potential, Brett works to unlock their hidden talents and cultivate them into actual results. This renewed freedom allows individuals and organizations to reach unprecedented levels of success. Brett’s coaching helps his clients achieve their unrealized potential as their accomplishments multiply.

Brett’s Core Values are: Accountability, Authenticity and Fairness


More than 20 years of experience as an Organization Development, Change and Transformation Consultant with some of the world’s most important companies and organizations. Entrepreneur, consultant, coach and expert in leadership, culture, effective communication and high performance, Eduardo Lan has dedicated his life to understanding the human condition and potential, and what is required to awaken the commitment, align the will and unleash the effective action of the people in the organizations with which he has collaborated.

Passionate since childhood with issues related to human and organization development, Eduardo began his career in 1995 as a consultant for Management Systems International, a North American International Development firm. He then continued his professional development as a senior program leader for Landmark Education, where he led personal transformation workshops and seminars to thousands of participants. After founding and operating as the methodology director for his own consulting firm, Eduardo has collaborated with multiple international consultancies and is currently a Senior Consultant with Momentum Consulting.

Some of his most noteworthy clients include Chevron, Shell, Pemex, Bimbo, Petrobras, Ecopetrol, Boeing, Intel, Jacobs Engineering, Finning, USAID, FAO, the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank, the United Nations, among many others.

He is a frequently-invited columnist for Latin-American publications such as Alto Nivel, Consultoria, Soy Entrepreneur, CNN Expansion, El Economista, among many others, where he writes about human and business matters.

During her career Maggie Larkin has consulted with executives and business leaders in numerous Fortune 500 corporations and start-up companies. She has worked in diverse industries such as utilities, chemicals, agriculture, finance, high technology, and insurance.

Maggie has over 20 years experience as a consultant and executive coach. Specializing in transformational consulting and executive development, she is known for her ability to assist people in attaining higher levels of performance and effectiveness.

A rigorous coach, she is highly experienced and effective with groups of all sizes; people of diverse backgrounds and levels of seniority. Anexcellent listener and behavioral expert, she quickly identifies the limiting behaviors of individuals and team members. She provides invaluable input to enable people to move beyond their limiting behaviors to become high performance teams producing extraordinary results.

Maggie is highly adept at identifying leadership and cultural barriers that impede strategy implementation and execution. Through her strong coaching relationships, people are able to recognize and move beyond their own limiting behavioral models and achieve leadership effectiveness beyond what they thought possible.

Maggie’s client list includes The NPD Group, Rabo AgriFinance Bank, Salt River Project, Goldman Sachs. Rohm & Haas, Dell Corporation, Sun Microsystems, DeBeers, Zurich Insurance, Abbott Laboratories, and Idaho Power Company. She has worked throughout North America, Australia and Africa.

Maggie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from California State University, Long Beach, CA. She has continued her education in strategic management and communication.

Maggie’s Core Values are: Authenticity, Humour and Growth


Ron Bynum
has over 25 years experience as a management consultant with Fortune 500 companies and executives in diverse

industries such as computer technology and software, automobile, venture capital, energy, insurance, telecommunications, and financial services. He specializes in large-scale culture and organizational transformation, leadership development and building high performance multi-functional teams that work together to produce consistent outstanding results.

A physics and English major at East Texas State University; Ron became an Executive Officer in the U. S. Army. He led an artillery battery in Vietnam and is a highly decorated veteran. Following his service, he pursued his MBA at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

Ron started his professional career as a senior executive with an international educational corporation, where he managed 32 domestic and international retail centers. In addition, he designed the corporation’s advanced learning programs.

In 1987, Ron started his own management consulting company and has developed an extensive international practice with major corporations and start-ups. An expert in large-scale cultural change and breakthrough technology, he is a trusted advisor for many executives and senior leaders domestically and abroad. He is also sought after as a trainer of trainers for large management consultant firms. A highly skilled consultant and trainer, he has trained over 300,000 participants in his career.

Ron’s Core Values are: Love and friendship, adventure, integrity, independence self reliance, vitality