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Momentum Consulting is dedicated to bringing about a new order of performance to the people and organizations around the Globe. The companies that garner the discretionary effort and the engagement of their people sustain superior performance over time. We bring an expertise to helping you do this with impressive results


The focus of our International Group is on providing services to the international mining community, as well as energy and related industries

Business Case:

Mining, like energy, is a highly capital-intense industry. As the cost of structure and operations continue to escalate and the availability of resources winnows, it makes sustaining the necessary capital all the more difficult.

This complexity underscores the value of Operational Excellence as an avenue to moderate costs and insulate against fluctuating values. Operational efficiencies require a strategy for production, processing, maintenance and effective structures to execute. However, even the best strategies and processes are dependent on the work force for implementation.

How your people operate, in partnership towards an aligned goal, has everything to do with how efficient and effective your operation is.

What does an engaged and aligned work force mean to an operation?

Literally, it can mean millions of dollars in profit and the ability to continue production when falling margins force the cessation of similar operations.


Organizational excellence is a function of how people see an organization, understand its direction and the energy they put into work beyond protecting their job (often referred to as engagement). It is within the scope and accountability of management to understand this, lead it and shape a culture that demands it. This requires redirecting work behaviors into a set of organizational practices that underpin excellence. To be effective these practices must be mandated into an inviolate discipline of “how we work around here.” A mandate that must, by its nature, be set by top management and then modeled by leadership. An environment of excellence, to get the necessary alignment and understanding, must be structured on trust, collaboration and accountability.

  • TRUST is built on the consistent actions and congruent speaking of leadership as well as the confidence that leadership stands for “my success.”
  • COLLABORATION occurs in recognition that things get done in a network of people and my actions impact the effectiveness of that network.  
  • ACCOUNTABILITY includes personal ownership of my results, the impact I have on others and an enterprise perspective that extends beyond my area of work.

Guiding Principles:

Our behaviors are guided by beliefs and strategies. From an early age we all develop beliefs about ourselves, how the world works and how to succeed in it. These include some fundamental or “Core” values. These beliefs evolve into “strategies for success” that guide our work behaviors. Individual strategies often focus on “getting it done” and fail to notice our unintended impact (blind spots) on others in how we get things done.

Achieving Organizational Excellence demands an understanding and awareness of our impact on others and developing the tools that allow us to understand how we individually develop and exhibit (blind spots) the perceptions and judgments that disrupt efficient work.  It also demands addressing the issues that interfere with collaboration. Only through awareness can we develop true accountability and the necessary commitment to exhibit it.

Our International group of senior consultants brings over 150 years of experience applying breakthrough solutions to performance issues in the field of mining and energy across five continents.

A conversation with one of our people has been the doorway to a new order of margin and cost performance for companies around the world.

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