Resolving Conflict Gets Your Business Humming Again

Conflict is a normal part of any human interaction. It can even be productive when it leads to new ideas. But sometimes conflict can become ingrained in the way a business operates so that it impedes growth and progress. Our proven techniques remove those log-jams, resolve the disagreements and make your team productive again.

The Path from Conflict to Breakthrough

Step 1: Explore the Issues
Identify the conflict that is causing problems.

Step 2: Discover Perceptions
Gain perspective by exploring different views of the break-down. What do the parties involved think is going on? What about others?

Step 3: Reveal Limiting Patterns
Target the beliefs and behaviors that are at the root of the conflict and create a plan to change them. What can you change to reach resolution to the conflict?

Step 4: Apply to Real Business Challenges
Begin implementing your plan to change the limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Step 5: Maintain Accountability
As you continue to work your plan, maintain accountability with your coach.

Step 6: Accelerate Breakthrough Performance

Organizational challenges can result from specific disagreements or longstanding cultural issues. In either case, the problem is generally rooted in poor communication and poor collaboration. By teaching accountability-based communication skills and methods for defusing heated discussions, we can help you recover from unproductive conflict – whether long- or short-term.

Topic-Specific Interventions

Your business may be generally aligned and humming along beautifully when a conflict over a specific topic flares up. Maybe you differ on a new direction for the business. Maybe there’s disagreement over the best way to do something. Whatever the issue is, we can help you work through it and accelerate productive resolution.

Cultural Roadblock Clearing

Over time, as a business grows and changes, some conflicts can become entrenched. Even with the best intentions, misunderstandings arise, departments become soiled, and poor communication habits spread. When conflict becomes ingrained, a third-party perspective can make all the difference in identifying the issues and creating a plan for resolving them.

What to Expect

Conflict resolutions can involve working with teams and individuals, depending on the situation. The length of time involved varies depending on the client. We generally work in person either at your site or an offsite location, creating a confidential, safe environment.

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