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Practice Blameless Problem Solving – FOW #18


Focus on finding a solution, not who is at fault. Apply your creativity, spirit, and enthusiasm to the development of solutions.  Identify lessons learned and use those lessons to improve processes, so we learn from every experience. We don’t really consider ourselves to be in the “how to” business.  It […]

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Be Dedicated to Personal Growth – FOW #17

Be a lifetime learner. Challenge yourself to take risks and operate outside of your comfort zone. Solicit feedback and learn from mistakes. Understand the nature of causing breakthroughs and live it as a discipline. Believe in Magic.   In Kristin Armstrong’s Column for the March 2018 issue of Tribeza, titled […]

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Be Accountable for Setting and Receiving Clear Expectations – FOW #15

Photo Credit to Chris Holger Make sure your expectations are clear and what people hear is what you are asking. Be clear about what’s expected of you.  This fundamental seems quite simple and obvious, in theory. While in practice, it can become quite complex.  This has to do with the […]

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February 2018 Newsletter

Great companies have a culture by design

Since we formed Momentum Consulting, over 25 years ago, our focus has been on performance and bringing breakthrough or transformational solutions that effect performance to ourselves and our clients. We realized early on that performance is a function of behavior, working with organizations we quickly discovered behavior is driven by […]

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