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Fundamental of the Week#1: ACT WITH INTEGRITY

Demonstrate doing the right thing in all your actions and all your decisions, especially when no one is looking. Always tell the truth.  Acknowledge and own your mistakes, clean them up and make appropriate corrections. Earlier this year the Momentum Team got together and we defined our fundamental behaviors for […]

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Always seek a breakthrough approach. Our job is to improve the lives and work of the people we serve. This path takes planning, diligence, and thoughtfulness. Over the years, I have participated in more seminars, workshops, and training sessions than I could possibly count or even remember. Most of them […]

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Fundamental of the Week#25: Pay Attention to the Details

Be rigorous about accuracy and precision. Double-check your work. This particular Fundamental speaks to something I have persistently found challenging. I always thought of myself as “seeing the BIG picture” and was content to leave the details to others, impatient to move on to the next piece of “big thinking.” […]

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Fundamental of the Week #23: Practice Recovery

When mistakes or errors in judgement happen, “own it.” Take the necessary steps to communicate to the appropriate parties, acknowledge your accountability, and set corrective steps in motion. “Get back in the game” quickly. We can get sideswiped easily! In our practice, we talk about blind spots a lot and […]

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Fundamental of the Week #22: Demonstrate Urgency in Response Time and Follow-Up

Model enthusiasm in your response to issues and rigor in your follow up. Make sure your work is accurate, complete and timely. Keep people updated and make sure they are clear about your communication(s). Over the years I have been a casualty of Parkinson’s. Not the medical condition that unfortunately […]

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