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Act With Integrity – FOW #1

Demonstrate doing the right thing in all your actions and all your decisions, especially when no one is looking. Always tell the truth. Acknowledge and own your mistakes, clean them up and make appropriate corrections. These fundamentals are in no particular order, except for this one. Integrity is the foundation […]

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Becoming A Victim

Victim Mentality - Parking Lot is Full

Today I met with an associate to discuss some business possibilities, but the conversation I took with me was the one we had regarding his Buddhism practice. As I was in business coach mode, I was quite observant of his state of being. He had an energy about him that […]

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Accountability: A Building Block of Culture

Accountability, a building block in culture

Sitting here at my local coffee shop early on a Sunday morning, I overhear the baristas swap stories of unreliable past coworkers. The over-riding theme centers on the complaint that former folk “passed the buck” of accountability. When asked an inconvenient question by a customer, their responses had been “not […]

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Making Your World, One Word at a Time

I’ve been coaching and consulting professionals for over a decade. It’s a joy and a responsibility I greet with reverence and gratitude. What is said in these conversations is not scripted, but rather it is based on years of training, listening and commitment. People trust me with what I say […]

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Getting to know… Consultant Brett Morris

1) I have yet to meet a consultant who started their career as one. What other paths did you go down before landing at Momentum? I was a landscaper for 15 plus years and short stints in other fields, including finance manager at an international corporation and an English teacher […]

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Victim Mentality (…teaser)

No one wants to cop to being a victim. There seems to be a reluctance in most of us to admit that we are at any given time acting, talking or thinking like someone who has been victimized. Right now I’m being victimized by Microsoft Word spell and grammar check […]

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