Case Studies Demonstrate Our Effectiveness

We’re committed to producing positive results in the lives of our clients. To that end, we take the time to document our work in case studies that demonstrate the value we provide. Here’s one of our favorite case studies. Check back for additional studies in the near future.

Case Study: International Sales

Type of Company:

Canadian-based International equipment provider.

What was the problem?

An Executive at the Canadian Headquarters had taken over the operations of a European division that was considered an under-performer. After a year, the country was still underperforming, which led to the executive being disenchanted with his staff and the staff being disgruntled with him.

When Momentum came in, we quickly discovered that the Executive began his position in Europe with a preconceived point of view that he would be in charge of perennial underachievers. At the same time, a new CEO had taken over in Canada, and was less than impressed with what he was seeing in the performance of this European country.

What did Momentum do?

After interviewing the Executive, one of the blind spots we revealed to him was that he was unconsciously interacting with his team with the perception of them as under-performers. When we interviewed his team, we learned that the attitude the Executive had towards them left them feeling disconnected, talked down to and unappreciated.

As we began to expose blind spots and break down walls, there was still the issue at hand of how the CEO and Board members viewed the Executives lack of success in his division. We facilitated a meeting between them. After six months’ time, all relationships had been resuscitated.

What resolution was reached?

Within 12 months, the once underperforming team became a model for the CEO of how he would like to see his teams work together. Within that same period of time, the Executive had developed a solid partnership with his CEO and had become one of his most trusted advisors. That partnership became the model for the CEO for how he wanted his relationship with the other country Executives who work with him.

In the past 24 months, the historical perception of the country as an under-performer has changed. They are respected in their delivery, and although their full accomplishments, like the other countries, have been slowed by the economic downturn, they are continuing to show impressive change.

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